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Haven't been here in a while. Hey guys! Lately I've been running into a lot of this shows content on other social media and so I decided to look into it. It's been a couple of days and I am obsessed. I still don't really know what it's about. Im stuck on youtube watching random pieces here and there. The MAIN reason I wanted to SHARE this card was to see if any of you guys watch it...maybe you can give me like an Idea of where I can watch this subbed . Gracias !
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yeah im devestated @HerosBells
I loved watching it mainly because Jessi lol I loved her so much! especially since she told it straight out & her voice gawD HER VOICE!! but I watched it on this website they also have the 2nd season
Yesssss!!!! omg! I think it was like the third clip i saw and she goes off on everybody @Zyxzj Bless your soul! Thank you 馃槉
@HerosBells there you go now you can watch it 馃榿
@bnrenchilada Thank you!!!!