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Making Matcha (Green Tea) Melt-in-the-Mouth Cookies
yes!!!!!!! i usually don't like green tea based desserts but this looks AMAZING!
@miranpark88 same! I usually seldom eat stuff with green tea either but this one quite ok. But I tried drinking milky green tea latte, it tastes quite good.
@thewanderer love the black sesame seeds! such a cute touch : )))) like the green tea ice cream for example, I find it the flavors too strongggg! somehow i can never get used to that flavorrr
@miranpark88 yes.. some ppl can probably just accept a bit taste of green tea desserts and some just love everything with green tea touch! But green tea taste is better than yam/taro flavour tho. I don't like taro.
@thewanderer i defff agree! I don't like taro myselfffff but i just found a recipe by jamie olvier cooking salmon with green tea!!!!!