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➻ So! You are probably intrigued by the title, yes?

❦ Well guess what! I decided to do a Cross Gene version of the dating Game. I decided my fine gentlemen needed to be recognized.

➺ This Will hopefully get you acquainted with Cross Gene, if you Don't know them too well.

➻ So we now come to the most hated part: The stinking rules!

Fun fun.

➻ See, even my husband is judging me on this. I'm sorry for the rules. Sangmin. Ssshhttaaahhhppppp with the judgey face.

But remember: Pick only one.

If the mysterious bachelor isn't the one you want, please don't switch: I will try and still make this a fantastic date for you, regardless. I pinky promise.

➻ Once You pick, there is no turning back. The greatest thing about Cross Gene, is that you can't have a bad choice. They are all catches. Also, you get a twofer situation. Two for the price of one, because of the ships.

➻ There will be a break in-between cards, to give you enough time to choose the objects.

So without further ado Let's Get Started.

Blind Date Part One:

As you were sitting in the local café, where you always met your best friend for lunch, you were trying to find out what scheme she had planned this time. You told yourself that when it came to dating, you would not allow her to ever choose a guy for you. Ever again. Point blank, period. After these past failed dates, filled with an overabundance of clashing traits, you started to just shrug the thought of finding a guy worthy enough to date.
When you looked up you saw her. Your best-friend, partner in crime, close to being a sister as it could get without actually being related by genes; walking through the door. You also knew she meant well in trying to find you a stable relationship. Yeah, maybe her choices for you weren't the best, but you just wish that for once it would work out into more than one date. More than snoozing dates, that is.
"Hey (y/n)!" She pulled you into a hug. When you pulled away, you noticed the look in her eye. 'Shit' you thought to yourself. Her look gave you every answer to all of the questions you had for her.
Stammering for words, you started to feel uneasy. One thing you did want to know, was how tragic this next date was going to end. Even if you wanted to tell her no, you just couldn't. She is your best-friend after all.
"Hey, I already figured out why we are both here, so just spill and quit beating around the bush."
You catching on to her was out of the norm; at least this quickly. With your abruptness she began laughing and informed you that what you thought was true, was the reason for this meeting. Once more, you would be going on a blind date.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Okay, I leave you to choose!

❥ :Foyer #1:

❥ :Foyer #2:

❥ :Foyer #3:

❥ :Foyer #4:

❥ :Foyer #5:

❥ :Foyer #6:

Tagging CandY Mod Squad:

Tagging the YakPak:

Tagging Requested for Cross Gene:

Make your decisions and I will upload the 2nd part Thursday!!

❥ If you would like to be added to the tag, leave a comment below.

❥ Leaving Some Cross Gene Music ❥
I'm stuck between one(love having a lot of room and two doors) and 2, but Foyer 2 wins(Love the rainbow colors and when the sun hits it)!
Foyer 4!
Foyer #1
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