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I'm a little late but I'm participating in @cindystran's 'Songs That Remind Me Of My Ex" Challenge!

You can check out the original challenge card HERE!

Here we go:

Mine isn't a bad memory at all!

This is a song that reminds me of my first boyfriend. He had a car and we spent most of summer driving up and down the 101 watching the Pacific and listening to Sufjan as loud as we could.

It reminds me of being nervous, excited, happy, and care free.

"If I was crying
In the van with my friend
It was for freedom
From myself and from the land
I made a lot of mistakes
I made a lot of mistakes
I made a lot of mistakes
I made a lot of mistakes"
Tagging a few people^^

Either make your own card or leave your songs in the comments here :D

sorry Mrs Jackson outkast
used to love her - guns & roses
Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
I'm Not Missing You - Stacey Orrico or Missing You - Tyler Hilton
Lou Rawls - You're Gonna Miss My Loving
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