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When I was a little girl, Princess Jasmine was the first Disney princess that I felt like I could actually relate to, and this comic is pretty much me if I WERE her.
"Whoa, a genie with infinite powers? Move aside, Aladdin. I need me some of that."
Jasmine's got some good ideas. Now I know what to do if I ever find a magic genie.
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hmm...Sofia Vergara or Salma Hayak...
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I'm with you @YumiMiyazaki and @danidee I'd totally do the same thing lol I also loved Jasmine growing up. She was my favorite next to Mulan xD
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or both馃樇馃樇馃樇
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@BeannachtOraibh Right?? She was so bored and over being a princess.
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