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Okay chapter two! Also keep in mind, this is all fiction. I doubt EXO actually acts like this so people. So here we go.

Two Moons

I watched as I seen the three man guy get ready for the song. To my amusment I think they're trying to audition me. "Okay ready?" Chanyeol asked, I nodded and waited till they started the song. As always Kai started off, I actually really loved this song so I think I'm going to nail this, I figured I was doing all the backing chours and Key's part, so I went along with it. Till I got to Keys parts. Chanyeol nodded at me letting me know its okay. Then I went for it. "that's right, selected VIP wouldn't be mindblowingly awesome, now we're on a rock rock rocket, just gotta keep your seatbelt fastened, oneureun dugaeui dari, dugae, dugaeui dari, oneureun dugaeui, dugaeui dal, dal dari tteuneun bam No you're not gonna shoulda woulda this and coulda that, cause we're never coming back to this trip, see those two moons, you're the chosen knight, go and spread good news, cause we got not time." After I finished my part the guys finished out the rest with me joining back in here and there. Chen and Xiumin gave me an applauds and Chanyeol came up to me "that was really good noona" he said smiling, I looked over at the others and they just smirked at me. "So she can rap, is she really that good of a singer?" Baekhyun asked I looked over and huffed and smiled. " Baekhyun-ssi, what would like me to sing?" I asked smirking at him as he huffed at me "Sing us one of your songs. Instead of ours, for all we know you knew you would be put with us and practiced our songs" Suho said I rolled my eyes and asked Chanyeol for a guitar and set up a chair. As I was setting up making sure the guitar was tuned I was thinking what song to sing, maybe one of my brothers songs. Then kissing in cars came into mind so I started playing that through, this song I remember the day when Vic wrote it. After I finished playing it I opened my eyes and seen the four boys, Sehunnie, D.O., Kai and Lay with their mouths open. "Good enough for you Suho-ssi?" I smirk at him as he let out a huff and walked out of the room. "I think you shouldn't have said that" Chanyeol said, I shrugged "He wanted a song so I did a song" I said and got up to put the guitar away. It's been an hour since Suho left and Kai, D.O., Lay, Baekhyun, Sehun left the room after him. "Hey Maria, lets go get lunch" Xiumin suggested, I smiled "Gaja!" I said getting up, "Wait I have to get my bag its in my locker" I said getting up "I'll go with you" Chen said "Ani, I'll get it, I'll meet you guys in the lobby" I said walked out to go to the lockers. After I got mybag, I felt a force push into be as a was slammed against the wall I looked up to see Kai and Suho "What do you want?" I asked agitated "That's not how you speak to your elder" Suho said smirking, I rolled my eyes "I'm not calling you Oppa if that's what you want" I said and tried to walk away, but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back "I have had it with your attitude Maria." He said "Give her what she deserves hyung" Kai smirked. Suho tried grabbing me and pulling me into one of the practice rooms "Hey!" I looked to see Chen and Xiumin standing there "Suho-ssi what are you doing?" Xiumin asked. Chen grabbed me from Suhos grasp, "We were jusy playing around with with her hyung no harm done" He said trying to pull it off. I just walked off from them ignoring the calls of my name. I needed to get out of here. I sat on the roof of the building wondering how I got here, and thinking if I should go back. I could here my brothers voice in mhead. He was so proud of me adthat I got this opportunity. All I can think of was the disappointment I'll face if I give up. *sigh* "I knew you would be up here" I turned and seen Lay walk up to me "Hey Lay" I said and looking back in front of me "I heard what happened are you okay?" He asked I nodded "I'm sorry I wasn't there" he said again. "It's okay Yixying" I said looking at him as he sat next to me "calling me by my name" he said smiling a little I nodded "why is it so hard? I didn't want to be noticed" I said "I was better off doing my own thing and being the photographer that no one paid attention to" I sighed and rest my head on Lay's shoulder. "Don't let it bother you Maria, it'll be okay" he said rest his head on top of mine "Was Xiumin and Chen worried?' I asked "Mostly Chen Xiumin knew where you went." He said as I nodded "I think he likes you" he said again I looked at him "Who?" I asked "Chen" he replied looking at me and smiled "He is a great guy." I said looking down at my hands "You like him too" I shrugged and looked off into the city "I don't know who I like" I said. Lay got up "Gaja, let go home" He said I smiled and took his hand "Alright... hyung" I said laughing.
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