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When Our Idols Take On 90s Kpop

Below you'll find 3 songs that are actually remakes of famous 90s Kpop songs! Which do you prefer?!

Super Junior vs H.O.T

I actually had no idea this was a remake because I heard this song when I first got into Kpop :) I'm glad I heard SuJu's version first though cause the HOT original is a little too funny for me to take seriously!

VIXX vs R.ef

Love Equation vs Love Equation
VIXX came back with a remake of a famous 90s song and because of its fame, it did so well on Korean charts! People who weren't even into kpop anymore or weren't VIXX fans fell in love with the remake because of the sweet memories linked to this song from their childhood!

Kyungsoo vs SES

I'm Your Girl vs I'm Your Girl
Alright so this isnt a cover but Kyungsoo did make a hilarious music video for the famous SES track "I'm Your Girl" and its one of my favorite 90s songs ever!
The hot version of happiness is a little too weird for me, thank goodness Super Junior covered this song!
I freaking fell in love with happiness when I found it like a year ago. it's one of my favorite
i knew the suju one was remake but didnt know vixx love equation song was! it is such a good song and so cute too
I like the kyungsoo video it was cute
I really had no idea Love Equation was a remake
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