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Part 1 Part 3 Warning: Because this is a Jay Park fanfic be prepared for profanity. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! Who could that be? It’s 7:00 in the morning this is so not necessary unless it is a delivery of muffins. “Hold on a second!” BOOM! Okay so not muffins,but it better not be Eun-Sang I told her to remember the key! “I’ll be right there!” BOOM, BOOM! “Uggh what do you--” “Is that how you talk to your boss little missy?” This might be worse since I am in my PJs in front of Jay. “Jay this is 2016 we have things called cellphones and text messages.” *Jay mumbling“I prefer the real thing.” “What?” “Nothing, c’mon I'm taking you to work today--after you change.” Jay is such a weird guy. He acts so flirty then he just shuts down into his own brain. What is with him? Ah no he’s fine, only checking out my legs like usual. I really hope he doesn’t expect anything more than what I can give him. After all he is Jay Park. ~~ AOMG ~~ Jay has unnaturally placed me inside his office, I am actually right across from him at all times which makes being a secretary increasingly difficult. A few days ago I was making calls for appearances and photo shoots, only to be greeted with a glare when hanging up. Well he didn’t actually glare he just stared at me for a few moments. Was he always staring? “Jay why do you keep looking over here? Do you want me to call someone for you?” “Nahh I was just admiring the view. But actually could you bring the guys in for a bit?” During the mini meeting which was just getting things set for a photo shoot next week, and eating lunch. “Why did you stay so long at the party last night Simon? I thought you had stuff to do.” “I was supposed to go early, but Jay left with a girl so I decided to keep things going.” “How long did this one last? She looked a little far gone for fun.” Jay who usually has a sharp comeback to Simmons remark was blank. His face was actually blank with no emotion just nothing. A few moments later he became self aware looked up and smiled. “Well you know a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell, but let’s just say neither of us got sleep.” “Wow an all niter?” “Sorry guys let me step out for a bit.” “Sure thing y/n.” There is no way Jay pulled an all niter AND picked me up so early this morning. Something is totally wrong with him I am convinced of it. ~~ kakao chat ~~ Eun-Sang: Who was that guy last night Y/N?!? You: What guy? What are you talking about? Eun-Sang: I just got back from Daegu and the security guard showed me a video of some guy waiting outside our dorm all night! You must know him because you left with him this morning. You: That was Jay! Hold on...So you are telling me that Jay Park waited outside all night to pick me up? Eun-Sang: THAT IS JAY PARK? Does the man ever sleep? You: Holy shit. What is wrong with him?
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haha creeper alert! Just kidding he's just making sure his new soon to be girl is safe all through the night 😉 but for real, next time just go inside hahaha I love this girly
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tag me please!
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That seems like a nice gesture... tag me please
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Tag me in the next one please? (:
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Will u tag me please?
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