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so @MadAndrea tagged me to do this card and honestly I was just thinking about it today
first off, I would want BTS because they are just so amazing and ugh I love them to death but also because they have a great mix of rappers and singers. their vocalists are amazing. they have an awesome range of sound so they would be great to collab with any group.
I would collab BTS with my other bias group which is Got7. their vocals are also powerful but can be kind of subtle at the same time. they balance their songs with both rapping and main vocals which in my opinion makes amazing songs. both bands have two sides: 1) bad boys who don't follow the rules and are more hip hop or rap (danger and if you do) 2) more upbeat side and makes you feel happier (fun boys and just right) because they have these abilities, they are able to be more flexible with their music so I think they would be able to surprise us and blow us away with whatever they would produce.

Who would your ideal collaboration be?

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Thank you for making a card πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ sounds like a cool collab!