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Hey guys. So you guys know that I post that little beginning to the story..... And I've decided to.......Keep the story going. But, I want to redo the first chapter, so I will post that later. Anyways. I would like help with making the whole story, so if you'd like to help me, read the rules below and then we will have a competition.


1. We will start a message thing to make up the story. 2. The card can be posted on your card, but it has to have my username in it as well. I will add yours in the one I post on my card. 3. No making the story your own. It is mine. 4. You can not post any of the chapters without me knowing first, and we both have to have it on out cards. 5. We both have to agree with each other's idea to post them in the stories! 6. We both have to get on and talk to each other at a certain time, that we will think of later. It has to work for both of us. 7. No other rule, just wanted to end at seven!
Competition. The competition is, you have to remake the beginning of the story. It has to include Jin and Jungkook. Jin has to be the one who broke up with the reader and you can change what Jungkook does, but you have to make Jin the person who broke up in the reader. You can use some parts from the part I made, but it can not be the exact same. Tag me in it please and then I will post a card on who I thought did what I wanted. Thank you.
Thanks for the tag too, and please keep me tagged as things progress. This is a fun idea and I'd like to see what everyone comes up with! (I won't even attempt to compete, but I make a great cheerleader!) ☺
I want to try at least. School may become an issue though lol.
I totally would do this but I'm so busy and I don't wanna agree to something and no be able to commit :/
I'll try my best but I can guarantee I have any skill in this! But it sounds fun!
Thanks for tagging but I'm not that creative 😂😂👋🏻