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We are getting steadily closer to the end of the awards, so don't forget to go and vote on any categories you may have missed ^^ >>VOTING CATEGORIES<<

Welcome to another category, this one was extraordinarily difficult to cut down to twelve, but we managed, finally XD

>>Before I list the nominees, I feel it's important to remind you all that this category is about the artists themselves, and it is the groups that are nominated here, not their songs. So for the most part, the songs included are not going to be title tracks, that way you can get a feel for other songs they have released that you may not have heard before<<


1. Fiestar - Hello
2. Sistar - Go Up
3. Mamamoo - A Little Bit
4. EXID - Without U
5. Hello Venus - Whatcha Talk About
6. 4Minute - Cut it Out
7. Brown Eyed Girls - Wave
8. AOA - One Thing
9. F(x) - Diamond
10. 9Muses - Secret
11. Wonder Girls - Remember
12. Girls Generation - Talk Talk

Voting Rules:

1.Vote who you think the best girl group of 2015 is!!

2. Write your votes in the comments section!

(It isn't necessary, but we would really appreciate if you told us why you voted for your vote)
Let's get started!!!!

1. Fiestar

Song - Hello


Most members of Fiestar had a hand in the production of their 1st mini album 'Black Label' !!!

2. Sistar

Song - Go Up


Sistar are known for their amazing bodies and their ability to dance in freakishly high heels!

3. Mamamoo

Song - A Little Bit


Mamamoo launched into fame straight from debut with their amazing harmonies and powerful vocals.


Song - Without U


After a fan cam of Hani went viral, EXID shot to fame finally after being around for quite a while.

5. Hello Venus

Song - Whatcha Talk About


In recent years Hello Venus took a complete concept 180º from cute to sexy and practically gained a whole new fan base in the process.

6. 4Minute

Song - Cut it Out


4Minutes 'Crazy' has become their biggest hit internationally with over 56 million views on YouTube!!!!

7. Brown Eyed Girls

Song - Wave


Brown Eyed Girls were the first girl group without any member changes for 10 years.

8. AOA

Song - One Thing


AOA was originally a band before they became a dance group.

9. F(x)

Song - Diamond


They recently had their first concert tour since debut in 2009!

10. 9Muses

Song - Secret


The group derives its name from the nine Muses of Greek Mythology.

11. Wonder Girls

Song - Remember


For their latest song release 'I Feel You' the ladies of Wonder Girls had roughly one year to learn to play an instrument.

12. Girls Generation

Song - Talk Talk


Girls Generation were the first South Korean girl group to hold a 4th concert tour.
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Girls Generation
This category is really hard. I want to say Mamamoo or 4Minute, but I have to go with Girl's Generation overall.
SISTAR ....forever
@Ticasensei we had to look at many different factors for the nominees they were both nominated along with many other girl groups, but in the end we only had twelve places, and cutting it down was incredibly hard, there were so many we would have loved to have kept on the list...but as I said, there are only so many places
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