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Waaa! I love his new costumes! Love the colors! It's like he's showing his other side. ^^ I know Malaysian Minoz were really happy after the concert! And the next country to experience LMH fever: MANILA! Woooo! :D Ready guys? Me? Not yet. -.- as of now I have no ticket..I'm such a loser. :( Wish me luck to have a ticket on the following days. credits to photo owners.
I want to see him but I live in San Diego can he have a concert here please
the first pic shows oppa really had a lot of fun <3 :-*
@TheRoyalJulia u btr get the tickets faster who knws u cd be one of those lucky girls that get to take a pic w oppa best of luck hun <3 :-*
sometimes I wish I was one of dose dancers so I cd be dis close 2 my oppa especially the girl he is holding ahhhh isn't she lucky :-P. hehe love u my oppa <3 :-*
I like the wearing the hat opposite way and the tongue out sooo cute and ofcourse he looks sooo cute and gorgeous he is Def one of those manly dudes who could rock in pink soo cute my oppa :-* <3
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