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So apparently there are these weird creatures in almost every FT episode that serve no purpose other than to appear on them. So I'm re watching FT and I just now noticed the one you see on the photo above. It's kinda creepy but it does give me something to look for during each episode. Does anyone know why they are there?
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maybe it's another throwback to Rave Master, like Plue? I haven't watched Rave Master yet aside from the crossover OVA with Fairy Tail
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hiro mashima put them in the manga (I'm not entirely sure why but I can look it up) but the animators noticed it and decided to add them to the anime, most likely out of respect for his original story and for him as an illustrator. :) if you look in the manga they're there too
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Well, if anyone saw Rave Master, another series by Kishimoto, the little gelatin guy (I think his name is Griffin or Jeffery or something like that) has been a big Easter Egg in the Fairy Tail Series. But the biggest Easter Egg is Plue himself, because I think he was a major character in Rave Master
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Yeah I think they're just characters from rave.. But you're right plue IS the biggest Easter egg in the series
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Why thank you
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