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Do you guys think that Song Joong Ki is cute? I'm trying to prove a point to my mom and aunts who don't think that he's that great looking. I've asked all my kdrama friends and they all agree that he's cute but for some reason all of their moms don't think he's that cute either. Is it only younger people who think he's good looking?!
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He is my UB actor! He is cute/sexy/ handsome all rolled into one. Lol my mom thinks so too
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@ZitaMahoney @JaxomB @biancadanica98 @tusarika @LocoForJiyong @Tigerlily84 thanks for replying! I'll use your replies as evidence that it's not just me who thinks he's cute
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@JustinaNguyen lol I am more than happy to talk about how awesome he is
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he's hot and hes growing on my list of fav actors
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He is so damn cute .. i just cant stop looking at him
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