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I'm in love with someone who will never be mine, someone who will never be able to love me back. And it hurts so much that I can't be with him... and yet, I WANT him to be happy, no matter who it's with, with or without me. I WANT him to succeed, and to have a life, and to love... Is it supposed to hurt this much?
I understand this feeling completely, it's best to take time for yourself, focus on the things you want to put effort into and then just do it! Sorry that you're hurting.
it is I know how it is thank you for showing me I am not alone any more
your more than welcome @Kitty9454
thank you very much @Kitty9454 I hope you get through it too if you need someone to talk to or rant you can hit me up on here
it's alright @Kitty9454 that stuff is in the past I just haven't found the right girl to be with but like I said that's in the past and I look forward to the future
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