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Hello viewers!! okay let's get started in this part we have Juvia where she goes visits Gray where his parent were buried. After the War between Zeref demons and fairy tail....she explained that it was her fault that Gray father is now gone since she defeated Necromancer that controlled Gray father.... She said I no longer have the right to love you Gray I'm sorry...
Gray wasn't too happy about it he was mad that his father was gone, yet he was happy Juvia did it for his father to pass on...
Gray says Thank you to Juvia for releasing his father from Necromancer and starts crying in her chest she says Gray-sama she w s shocked from him crying in her chest...he then repeat to her that he's sorry and wouldn't stop crying....she hugs him and says your warm as to say your no longer coldhearted as you were before....
yup they do then later he tells her how he feels for her really omg im just waiting for that chapter to show up
they actually live together for about a year
dose anyone here ship Gajeel and levy hardcore
I do, I do, I do!!!!!! They're my OTP
it should be soon #spoileralert since he said he'd give her a definite answer after they win the battle or defeat zeraf
ep.90 of Fairy Tail(2014)
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