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When Your Boyfriend is Sick...

My boyfriend has a pretty bad cold and, while he's handling it well, this is the first time I've really seen him be this sick before in our relationship.
I recently was in and out of the hospital so I know how he acts as someone helping a sick person, but now it is time to see how he acts when HE is the sick person!

So far he has three major quirks:

1. Falls asleep mid-sentence.

Really, he is just out. He seemed very awake when I asked him if he wanted me to make him tea and he literally said "I would...zzzzzzzz." Complete with a snore. It was incredible.

2. Is a space case.

Not to say that he is completely with us when he ISN'T sick, but when he's sick it is so much worse. Probably because he's on the verge of falling asleep every 5 seconds but he seriously is in a world of his own.

3. Doesn't really let me help him.

This isn't a huge problem, just a little frustrating for me. I'm the kind of person who wants to be able to help and when I ask if I can get him anything or if I should be quiet, or if he needs to be alone he just says "I don't know" or "you're already helping so much."
I've found that he just likes to be left in his own little world. Sitting next to him reading while he sleeps or making tea for the both of us seems to be enough for him. I guess I'm the same way when I'm sick (I like taking care of myself) so I understand, I just wish I could do more to make him feel better :/

My dad on the other hand, always has what we call "The Man Flu."

This is when he gets a tiny cold but acts like he has the plague or something. He deserves his days off and is allowed to be sick, but (maybe because he grew up with 5 older sisters) he is SUCH a baby when he is sick hahaha!

Do any of you guys have loved ones or friends that change personalities when they're sick?

What about yourself?!

Lol um... She's really whiny, needy and makes random noises when she's sick haha It's so adorable XD it's the only time she lets me baby and spoil her. As for me, I'm that weird person who only gets sick once a year, but for that week or so, I'm bedridden and almost die haha Even then, my will to function normally and efficiently allows me to do so, but when I get back home, I collapse. I also don't eat anything, so I drop about 8-11 pounds. I'd rather be alone. I get really irritated. leave me alone. Don't talk to me. Don't look at me. I can hear you breathing! Stop! Go away /.\ lol 😂
I really don't get sick. Maybe once every two years honestly. But when I do its pretty bad. I like to be left alone cuz I usually just sleep all day. Maybe check in once in a while to make sure I'm still breathing ...that's all. 😊
Men turn in to babies once they get married. It's awful. My husband wants me to do certain things....but doesn't want me to get near him.
Hahaha, I love The Man Flu!! hope your boyfriend feels better soon. we have that cold at our house now, and it's exhausting me.
XD I change personality when I get sick. I feel like I'm dying.
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