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I love my Kwon!!!... (Kwonnie!!!♡♡♡♡)
I really do!!! (My Bae Bae, My love, My one and only)
But when it come to @KwonOfAKind's Pride
I got a secret of you @KwonOfAKind!!
There is still "thing", even I can't handle it!!
As "I" am a very "professional" & ↝documented↜ person..I gathered all the details..ready for my duty.
This strong statement happen!!! The truth can't not be told... as this is too much information to release in public!!
Her confession!!! OMG!!!Please...I don't know if I can ever look her in the same way as before!!!
As I am standing here, trying to understand her "one of a kind" habit...(↥↥↥↥The big Balloom ball here is to represent my "brain" is about to expose!!! like Bang Bang Bang!!)
debating over her habit or my Love....
And the Love won by 0.00001%...
She can keep her pride!!!...until next time!!
@KwonOfAKind Don't think I forgot abt this... I m thinking abt making part 2.....3....4...5....6...until whenever♡♡♡♡ the way I LLOOOOOVVVEEEE UUUUUUU!!!!!!! know "LOVE' come first and "HATE".......this is my love know what is Wahahaahaaaaaa!!!!!........I covered all the words for you, but did you notice there is one piece "THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE" of the confession is not here.....I really love you Bae....I really do!!! (That I will not cover for u).....It will be out in public soon.
I'm saving these GD gifs and photos BTW XD♡♡♡
JTOP...... what are you.....are you trying to butter me up right now I swear if this is about wat I think it is .... (.__.) *prepares flight ticket* *stares intensely at screen* *nervous laughter* okay now that I'm at the balloon photo.....I think I should explain XD before my last piece of pride gets blow to shreds lol WAIT A SECOND CHOOSE LOVE!!! LOVE IS BEST♡♡♡♡ "0.00001%" <<<if that's how much love won by I'LL TAKE IT ♡♡♡♡ LOVE ♡♡♡♡♡♡ lmaoo JTOP !!! you had me there.....I hate (love) you so much !! .....wait a second what do you mean until next time lmao XD JTOOOOP!!!! XD #SaveKwonsPride