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Jiraiya (T ^ T)
anime: Naruto
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@Shazangarang well remember in the beginning when we first meet Gaara and Naruto was like I could've turned out like. "Thank God I had Iruka-sensei" Iruka-sensei had the biggest impacted
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@Shazangarang Iruka has been with Naruto for more than just 2 1/2 years. Also remember when Naruto was stuck the Infinite Tsukuyomi and it was a world where his parents greeted him at home? Well after Naruto got out it was Iruka waiting in Naruto's home waiting to greet him
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Kakashi was the real MVP! XD He trained naruto first, taught him lessons, and then gave him over to jiraiya. they have a close relationship too.
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im crying
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