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While I was writing a card about my boyfriend being sick, I came across the iconic Karen "Taco Bell" gif.

That sent me down a rabbit hole and I came out realizing that I may in fact be dating Karen from Mean Girls.

He always, ALWAYS wants Taco Bell. Or really, tacos in any form.

If we are trying to come up with plans for anything he'll always say "we could get tacos!"

He apologizes really sincerely for little things.

Sometimes he thinks that something really upset me even if it totally didn't, but he'll still apologize really seriously and sincerely and its SO FUNNY.

He can't tell the weather to save his life.

Perhaps because he's missing something that the real Karen has (*cough breasts and ESPN*) but he can leave the house, walk to the bus station, and be half way to work without noticing it is raining.

He is terrible at faking sick.

When he's tired he'll suddenly start talking about his back or throat or head hurts even though he was fine a few seconds ago. Then I bribe him with espresso and food and like a MIRACLE he's better!

He has weird talents?

His shoulders are weirdly flexible so if he is stretching and someone sees they usually make him show them how the hell he manages to move that way. He knows it freaks me out so sometimes he does it just to torment me.

He makes little English mistakes.

English is actually his second language so sometimes he'll make the tiniest mistakes that are so funny!!!

Alright so maybe he isn't Karen, but he sure makes me laugh!

@Taijiotter if we get married, i'm putting that quote on our wedding invites HAHAHAH
In a world of Reginas, it's great to find a Karen.
@Taijiotter omg best quote ever. @sophiamor this card is super cute. I can't stop smiling at the tacos and ESPN part.
That's sweet though. Due to hearing issues when she was little, my daughter's English is off a little. She speaks different from everyone else....we call it Ang speak. Apparently the whole first semester of college her friends and dormmates thought she was from the country of Georgia and not the state.
@sophiamor That would be amazing! You have to get married now! Lol
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