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You want me to what? Earlier, you had been quite unsuspecting of what exactly the Jeons wanted of you. When Jungkook and Taehyung guided you through the house and out to the back where the warehouse was and, you had been keener on relishing in the fresh air and the warm glow of the setting sun considering it had been a few days since you had physically been out in the open. You werent entirely too concerned with whatever they had in store for you and you most certainly werent afraid. Upon entering the warehouse (which was a shabby old building that looked as if it were about to fall apart at any given moment), the two boys manuverued you around the other and scarce men working there or guarding the whole building and up a flight of rusting stairs to a dimly lit and grungy room where Jungkooks father, Hoseok, and a few other men stood around a table. All heads snapped in your direction as soon as you had stepped in but your attention was focused more on what the men had been staring at. Hung up on one wall, closest to old man Jeon, was a large map of the city. Certain areas were pinpointed with tacks, a piece of string wrapped around each point to showcase some sort of route. Various pictures and news clippings were mounted to the wall as well as littered across the table. You had remarked in quite a snarky manner that it was quite a piece they were working on when Jeon wasted no time in informing you that they needed you to play as their decoy in a heist or two they had to pull off. You immediately rounded on him, your eyebrows knitting into a frown and your eyes narrowing into a hardened glare. Now, he leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest, eyeing you carefully as he opened his mouth to answer your question. We need- No, I already heard you, You snapped. The vicious snarl in your voice made the other men straighten up, taking menacing steps toward you but you didnt care. Are you shitting me right now? You kidnap me and now you want me to play as your puppet? Why the hell would I work for you? I think youre forgetting you dont have a choice, doll, Taehyung said. Oh, come on, boss, Hoseok groaned. Shes pointless I could have told you that. We dont need her help anyway. Jeons stare flickered to Hoseok momentarily before landing back on you. Im afraid Taehyung is right, Jeon said. So long as we have you, you work for us now and Im sure itd be quite a shame to have to kill you or your father. Maybe a loyal friend or two. His open ended threat shouldnt have affected you as much as it did. The thought of them killing you or your father didnt bother you as much as the thought of them hurting or killing Jin or IU (and you were certain Jeon had been talking about them). You scowled, trying not to display on your face that you were dwelling on his threat to your friends. You knew they were right anyway and you knew you didnt have a say in your choices. If you were going to work for Jeon, it was for Jin and IU, but you would use this as your opportunity to find a way to escape from their clutches. So, you placed your hands on your hips as your eyes flickered to each face in the room before locking with Jeons. The only thing you uttered was a small, Fine. Excellent, Jeon hummed. Now, its time to play.
The tasks were simple enough. There were a lot of men after Jeon but Jeon was set on finding just three (your father not included). The first man, Suho, was a wealthy businessman, an owner of some sleazy and popular casino. Jeon had claimed that Suho owed him money and, while you didnt believe that was he truth, Jeon was set on taking that money one way or another (preferably by hijacking the shipment of money that was going to be leaving the casino that night). The second man, Zico, was a gritty gambler who spent most of his time at underground boxing rings and someone Jeon had no idea how exactly he came to be a leader for his gang (but he had a supply of weapons that were Jeons). The last man, Jaebum, was a familiar name to you. Apparently he owned a club and owed something to Jeon but by now you had forgotten if that payment was supposed to be in money, drugs, or weapons. It wasnt like you cared anyway. You were set on helping the men as much as you could while trying to help yourself out of there. To help with their first target, Jeon needed you to go into the casino to charm and distract Suho while the others worked their way onto the truck that would be leaving the building at exactly 9 p.m. Jeon wanted to make sure that you looked your utmost best which was why, when he presented you with a red dress a few hours later in the day and you grudgingly pulled it on, you realized just how revealing it truly was. It was a long, slim gown with an opened back and a neck line that draped down your chest. Accompanied with the dress was a pair of high heels and a few pieces of expensive looking jewellery. They needed to make sure you were dressed in your finest, adorned in pieces that anyone would find on other women around Suho. By 7:30 p.m., you were sitting in the back of the white van that belonged to Jeon with only the two front seats still attached and the others having been ripped out. The old man hadnt come along with the heist but he was sure to send his best, which included two other men that you didnt quite know the name of who were supposed to be the lookout and drivers of the night; Taehyung, who was currently already inside the casino, dressed as a worker; Hoseok, who was dressed as a one of the cleaning crew and patrolling the corridors in the main building and on the upper floors where the hotel rooms were connected; and Jungkook, who was dressed to look like another guest and currently sat beside you in the van. Weve already got one of our men waiting around back for the truck, The driver informed. He glanced at you and held out his hand, clutching a single earpiece. Your job is to keep that bastard distracted long enough until we can get the money. Think you can handle it? Well be able to hear everything you say with this. If you need help, tell us. Were not going to risk the whole mission just because your bimbo brain couldnt handle- I got it, You snapped, plucking the earpiece from him. You should be more concerned for the idiots you work with. The man scowled and opened his mouth to reply back but Jungkook shook his head. Despite the boy being the same age as you, he certainly had some sort of authority over the rest of the men that almost put him in league with his father. Lets get going, Jungkook said, placing a hand on your waist to gently push you outside the van. Once the two of you had emerged from the van, which was parked around back of the casino, the two of you began making your way inside. A crowd of people already lingered inside, leaning over various slots and dices as they threw away their money for the chance of more. Music, chatter, and the smell of smoke and liquor mingled in the air in one potent and overwhelming sense that made your head spin. You felt Jungkooks hand dance across the small of your back as he leaned down to whisper in your ear. Its your time to shine, he said. Dont do anything stupid. When you craned your neck to look at him, he was already gone, disappearing into the crowd of people. You wondered if you should have taken liberty of your short moment of solidarity and fled from the casino and the Jeons but you knew that wasnt a smart idea. You may have lost sight of Jungkook and not know where Taehyung was, but you were sure they were both watching you. You sucked in a deep breath, inhaling a large gust of smoke, and let it out in a tiny sigh. Your eyes scanned the crowd to find the blackjack table, the one place that Suho spent most of his time, if not all. It didnt take you very long to find him when he was one of, if not the, loudest person there. Standing around his table were a crowd of other important looking men and a few women that practically swooning at his feet. As you were watching him, he began walking away from the table with a booming laugh and smug smirk on his face. You could see him walking toward the bar, checking in on other guests and tables where games were currently in session on his way there. Still eyeing him, you pushed yourself forward to the bar and sat down casually on one of the stools. You leaned over to the bartender to ask for a martini (as it was the first pretentious drink you could think of) and waited patiently for it, straining your eyes and ears to focus on Suho. You spotted Taehyung at a table across from him, his eyes meeting yours for a moment in a measured gaze. It was you who looked away first, grudgingly thinking to yourself how strange it was to now be working with the same man who would have been fine killing you a few days ago and whatever else he had in mind. You took a sip of your drink as you heard Suho approach with a woman linked to his arm, fawning over him as he spoke. You waited until he was right next to you before spinning on your heel with your drink clutched in your hand only to stumble right into the man. Your drink flew from your hands and spilled its contents on his tailored suit and dribbled slightly down the front of your dress before the glass landed on the ground in a clatter. From where Taehyung stood, his eyes narrowed into a glare ad he had to contain his groan because he was sure you had just messed up. Yet, he watched as you gasped, clamping a hand over your mouth as if you hadnt spilled your drink on the man on purpose. Oh, shit! Im so sorry! You apologized frantically. Your hand reached out to grab at a few napkins on the top of the counter while the girl beside Suho gaped, jumping to her feet to inspect the damage you had caused. Oh, Suho! she exclaimed. Are you alright, dear? Can you believe the nerve of some people? The man, however, hardly bothered to respond when he saw you hurriedly dab at his shirt, apologizing over and over again for your clumsiness. You thought you must have looked ridiculous but Suho was watching you with an amused look in his eyes, a faint smile on his lips as he studied your appearance and flushed face. He reached out to grab onto your upper arms, stopping you in your efforts to help clean his shirt and making you look at him. When you did, he flashed you a rather friendly and charming smile. Its perfectly fine, he said. You bit down on the plump flesh of your lower lip as you stared up at him. You noticed his eyes flicker down to your mouth momentarily. But Ive ruined your shirt, You said. Theres no harm done in a ruined shirt, he pointed out, giving you a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders. I dont even think it is ruined, to tell you the truth. Itll dry in no time but Im afraid your drinks been wasted. Here, how about I buy you another one? You watched as the girls face next to him dropped into a faint scowl. She reached out to tug at his suit jacket, leaning closer to him. Suho, I thought you said you wanted to show me something, she whined. The man lifted his hand, gingerly shooing her away and brushing her grasp off of him as he asked you, What do you say? That sounds great, You smiled. Of course, as long as you dont have anyone or anything waiting for you. Babe, I run this place, he said, his hand dropping down to rest on the small of your back as he began guiding you away. They wait for me. Oh, really? You hummed. Suho nodded and then he was speaking again, telling you whatever he could to show off his status and his wealth as if to impress you and you listened patiently. Just before Suho pulled you away entirely from Taehyung and to a different spot at the bar, you craned your neck to look back at him. He was already watching you and, despite his face being rather expressionless, there was a glint in his eyes that showed you he was maybe, quite possibly, impressed by your act. You made sure Taehyung saw the way your lips curled into a smug smirk before turning back around to focus on Suho.
Suho kept giving you drinks and consumed the same amount you should have been, if not even more. It didnt take him long before his inebriated mind could even keep up with the number of drinks you had so far and while he had probably drank an entire bottle of soju, you were still holding on to your third drink. He didnt seem to mind either way because he was far too interested in you and the way you seemed to completely devote your entire attention to him. After spilling your drink on him, the two of you would continue to talk, slowly leaning over your glasses of liquor to get closer to one another. His other group of friends and the woman he had been with were completely forgotten after his eyes landed on you and you were sure you had done something right with the way he seemed to keep touching you in every chance that he got. You fed into his moves, giggling whenever he told a joke, batting your eyelashes whenever he said something charming, never moving his hand away when he reached out to brush the hair from your face or hold your hand or waist. You always kept your eyes on the clock, though, and by 8:30 p.m., with the feign of a drunken stupor and a lust filled mind, you leaned down to Suhos ear to whisper, How about we go somewhere we can be alone? And how could Suho resist you when you were leaning over the table to him, giving him such a clear view of your chest past the low cut dress you wore. His hooded eyes flickered up to your face when he felt you nip at the lobe of his ear and he nodded, urgently standing to his feet and murmuring something about his penthouse suite. He dragged you away from the crowded party and into the corridors to the elevators that would bring you to the hotel rooms. As soon as he got you into one of the empty lifts, he had you pressed up against one of the walls and was completely ravishing your neck. You continued to play along, tossing your head back with a needy moan as your hands raked in his hair to desperately pull him closer to you, your legs parting to give him just enough space. You both fumbled out of the elevator, your mouth finding his and your tongues interlacing in a fiery passion as you both stumbled down the corridor to his suite. You still took the time to gawk at his suite even when he was pushing you inside, admiring the ornate details of the oak wood and the gold accents. Just how rich was this guy? You didnt have long to revel in his wealth because then he was unzipping your dress and slipping it off of you, pushing you onto his far too big bed while his hands roamed your body and murmuring things you had to strain your ears to listen for. You know, babe, he said, its a shame youre so damn attractive. What do you mean? You rasped, catching his lips with yours once more. A breathless chuckle escaped his mouth and, before you could even brace yourself, his hand was lifting from your chest to your neck, his fingers wrapping around your delicate skin in a tight grasp. You gasped immediately, your lungs desperately searching for air as your eyes widened at a suddenly menacing looking Suho. It was almost startling how quick his demeanour changed and it sent a chill down your spine, made your heart skip a beat. It was in that moment that the severity of your situation had hit you. He knew. And you were far gone from Hoseok, Taehyung, or Jungkook to come to your rescue now. Do you think Im some sort of idiot? Huh? he snarled, his grip tightening around your neck. He gave your head a jerk, making you look at him, and a small whimper escaped your hoarse throat. I know you know who I am, babe and dont think I dont know the stupid little shenanigan youre trying here. Your hands reached out to grab at him, to push him away, but he was fast and his free hand snatched onto yours, holding them up above your head. You work for them, dont you? he asked viciously. The Jeons? The only other bastards out there who want something from me. It wouldnt be the first time they tried some shit like this. Let me think what did they tell you? That I owe them something? Money, perhaps? This whole god damn casino is probably crawling with their men and its all because of you. He burst out into laughter suddenly, the sound so loud and hysteric that it made you wince or maybe it was the way his grip was still firmly holding onto your neck. Youre good, Ill give you that; far too good for your own good. You got me this far but your times up. You see, Im not worried about the Jeons. I know my men can handle it. Youre my main concern right now and Im going to make sure I have my way with you. You were still choking, urgently searching for air, your vision growing blurry with each passing second. Your wrists writhed in his tight grip, struggling to break free and aching at the forming bruises. He let go of your neck finally and you began gasping, inhaling as much air as you could, as he leaned away from you to loosen his tie and pulling it off of himself. He reached for your hands, his intent to tie your wrists back to the bedframe as he continued talking. You were far too weak, far too frantic to regain an even breathing pattern as you felt him tie your hands back. You and I are going to have some fun, he growled, finishing off the tie around your wrists with a tight knot. His hand flew back down to grasp at your chin, forcing you to look at him. And then Im going to put a bullet through that pretty little head of yours before I do the same thing to every god damn one of your people in here- It was a loud shrill bang of a gunshot that made him stop talking. He froze suddenly, his vicious frown being replaced by a dumbfounded expression, his eyes glazing over. He wretched his hand from your neck to bring up to his chest and when he brought his hand to his face, his fingers were coated with a bright crimson sheen. He toppled over in the next second, first falling toward you but you twisted your body with a desperate squeak to avoid his weight. He landed on the bed and then dropped to the ground in a dishevelled heap, face first. You tore your eyes from Suhos lifeless body to find the person who had shot him, your heart hammering against your chest at the thought of it being another one of your enemies. You were relieved to see Jungkook standing a few feet away from the bed, lowering the revolver in his hand. Jungkook! You exclaimed, your voice weak and scratchy from the lack of oxygen. Holy shit! You just killed him! I would hope so, Jungkook mused. Are you okay? I saw everything going down. You nodded slowly. Y-Yeah, Im fine. Can you untie me? Wait- what do you mean you saw? Were you spying on me? Where the hell were you hiding? Jungkooks eyes widened slightly but he didnt respond at first. He moved toward you, carefully stepping over Suho to untie your wrist. When he still wouldnt reply, a thought popped into your head. You put a camera on me? You exclaimed, ripping your hands free when you felt the tie loosen and pressing your hands on Jungkooks chest to shove him away. You were spying on me the whole damn time? Who the fuck was watching that? Look, we had to do it because we didnt know what would go down, he explained. We didnt know if youd run away or if Suho would try something like this to you. Right, You huffed. Because Im only yours to kill, huh? Jungkooks eyes narrowed into a glare and he turned away. Just get changed we gotta get out of here. You couldnt resist the urge to give him a roll of your eyes. As you pushed yourself off the bed, realizing with a heated face that you were standing in only your underwear before Jungkook, you heard him sigh and mumble under his breath, You really do have a hard time saying thank you, dont you? He, clearly, wanted you to hear that but you acted as if his sly comment had surpassed you as you busied yourself with your dress. When you were as put back together as you possibly could, Jungkook was reaching for your hand and tugging you along with him. Lets go, he said. Weve already wasted enough time. You didnt need to be told a third time and picked up your pace to follow after Jungkook. The two of you fled into an elevator until you reached the hotel floor that was just before the casino. Abandoning the elevator, you two made the rest of the way down by using the flight of stairs and coming out to the back of the building where you were met with the van once again, which now held Taehyung and a few other men that had apparently been hiding in the casino, as well. One of them told you how Hoseok and a few others had been able to find the truck just before everything had gone hectic in Suhos hotel room. So, as they drove away from the casino and left behind the mess they had just caused, you still felt a sense of relief. You didnt quite understand how you could feel so relaxed around the people who had kidnapped you but Jungkook had saved you (twice, if you could recall the way he rescued you from the sleazy man at the masquerade ball) and you were thankful for that. You couldnt help but think about what Suho would have done to you if Jungkook hadnt stepped in and shuddered at the image. Jungkook? His name slipped from your throat in a tiny whisper, unable to stop yourself from calling out to him. He hummed in response, turning to look at you as you sat beside him on the ground of the back of the van. You craned your neck to lock eyes with his big doe-like ones and let out a tiny sigh of content. Thank you, You said. Jungkook didnt need any further explanation to know that you were referring to what had happened in the hotel suite. He was taken aback by your sudden courtesy and bewildered by how fast your attitude could go from quick and snarky to polite and gentle. He liked it; he liked you and he couldnt help but think about how awfully familiar you looked to him. So, even when you turned away from him to look back down at the ground, Jungkook smiled to himself. You were a puzzling piece, indeed, but Jungkook was set on figuring you out.
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