Usually you got really bored really quickly when you went to watch Yugyeom practise with the rest of the boys. It’s not that you didn’t love to watch him dance, it’s just it easily got extremely repetitive and when they weren’t practising their choreography, they would just mess about with each other and despite the fact everyone had made you feel really welcome you didn’t want to impose. But not this time. There was no way you would be bored this time.
They were practising the ‘If You Do’ choreography and you were completely transfixed. Your eyes never left the movements of Yugyeom, the way his body seemed to effortlessly perform the movements so fluidly; how his hips seemed to get more and more involved every time they ran through it because he knew you were watching and he knew there was no way you could look away. And then there’s the part in the middle, the part that had you pressing your thighs together as you watched with hungry eyes.
As his hand ran down his body, his hips coming up to meet his hand at his crotch, he looked directly into your eyes, his plush bottom lip taken between his teeth as he gave you the same look he likes to give you when you tease him. You catch the essence of a smirk when he sees the way you shift uncomfortably and how your tongue runs over your dry lips. You can feel your panties getting wetter with each passing minute and it seems almost like a miracle when they decide it’s time for them to take a break.
You walk forward towards him, eyes locked on him as he continued his conversation with Jackson. Reaching him you slipped your hand into his, locking your fingers together.
“Hey baby,” you cooed, tugging on his arm and looking up to him, indicating that you wanted him to lower his head to kiss you. He does so with a cute, cheesy smile on his face, but the little gasp he releases into your mouth shows his surprise when your tongue runs along his bottom lip before you take it between your teeth and tug it into your mouth. You let him go after a few seconds and he pulls you closer to him, almost boasting to the others that he has a fucking hot girlfriend – his words.
The others aren’t really paying attention to you both, so you take the chance to face him, arms around the back of his neck as his secure themselves around your waist.
“You look so sexy when you dance,” you told him a low voice and he visibly shuddered when you dragged your nails lightly against the back of his neck. “I’d let you fuck me right here with everyone watching.”
His eyes widened to the size of saucers at your words, shooting a quick glance around to check no one had heard.
“You can’t say things like that, they might hear you,” he whispered and you just smirked at how flustered he still got. You reached up onto your tiptoes, lips pressed against the spot that drove him crazy just below his ear. Your teeth nipped lightly at the skin before you spoke.
“That’s kind of the point.”
He swallowed hard, clearing his throat afterwards.
“Guys, do you think you could give us some time alone please? Y/N wants to talk to me.” You tried your best to stand submissively behind Yugyeom, your eyes downcast looking embarrassed and upset. They all agreed, making up excuses of things they needed from the shop around the corner.
It was just you two.
Your expression changed into a smirk, running your hand up Yugyeom’s back and into his hair, taking a fistful before pulling back, his neck exposed.
“Do you think it’s a good idea to tease me like that?” You asked, your voice calm and controlled. His head shook side to side in your hand. You let him go, walking around to face him. His shirt was stuck to him with sweat in some places, the dip of his collarbone exposed as his shirt fell off his shoulder. You eyed the exposed skin, wanting nothing more than to run your tongue along his smooth skin, tasting every inch of him as he whined at the feel of your hot mouth working slowly against him.
You stepped towards him and he walked backwards, his eyes never leaving you. It was like you were stalking your prey. Someone so innocent and you were ready to corrupt every inch of him, over and over until he was screaming and begging for his release. His calves hit the back of the sofa and he fell down onto it, wide eyed and looking up at you. You hands flattened against his chest and you sat and straddled his lap.
“Who’s going to be a good little boy?” You asked, eyes concentrated on the spot of his chest in which your fingers drew small patterns. You looked up to his face to see him nodding, his lips forming the words you so desperately wanted to hear.
“I’m going to be a good little boy, just for you.”
“Shirt off.” He hurried to obey your command, wanting nothing more than to please you. His eagerness made the wetness in your panties grow uncomfortable. He sat watching you, his breathing a little heavier than normal. A deep groan rumbled through his chest when you placed your lips against his neck and grinded your hips down and he couldn’t deny that the way your teeth sunk into his skin was something he loved so fucking much. He loved knowing that he was yours and you were his; knowing that those marks were left by you and the other members stared at them in astonishment around the dorm. Pride would swell in his chest at their whispers and lingering glances.
You slowly worked your way down his torso, paying special attention to his collarbones. Your hands ran lines along his happy trail, his head thrown back and small moans leaving his lips when your hand moved over his crotch, applying pressure for only a few seconds before occupying yourself again. Your hand finally undid the button to his jeans, dragging your finger over his hard cock as you pulled the zipper down slowly, his hips desperately lifting up for you to pull his jeans and boxers down to his thighs.
His cock was impressively hard, a small amount of pre-come leaking from his slit. You leaned in to him, whispering into his ear with a sultry voice.
“Touch yourself for me.” Once again he wasted no time in fisting his hand around his length before bringing his hand up and down slowly, his eyes watching your every movement as you removed your shirt, stepping off him to remove your shorts and underwear.
When you sit yourself back in your previous position his hand is working faster, groans leaving his mouth, dirty and loud. You watch as he rubs his thumb over the head of his cock, spreading his come and making him groan louder. Beads of sweat begin to gather along his hairline and you watch as his skin glistens, the muscles of his arm contracting and you let you mind wander to just how beautiful he looks when he is vulnerable and open for you.
You grab his free hand, pulling it down between your thighs. A small whine escaped him when you pushed down into his hand, his finger already running up you slit, making his finger slick first.
“I want you to finger me while you jerk yourself off,” you said breathlessly, emitting a gasp as he thrust one of his fingers in without warning, the pad of his thumb rubbing patterns against your clit. He was relentless about making sure you were satisfied, doing everything he could think of to have you whimpering.
His finger worked expertly inside you, a second soon joining the first, curling them in just the right way. His hand continued to work up and down his shaft and you couldn’t take your eyes off his hand as his hips bucked up into his tight fist.
“Yugyeom – shit – you’re such a good boy for me,” you managed around your moans. Your forehead rested on his shoulder, being able to switch between looking at where his fingers disappeared into your tight entrance and watching as he changed the pace of his hand, leaving the occasional teasing stroke against himself.
Your hips pushed down against his fingers, the added pressure against your clit making you cry out Yugyeom’s name. Small whines and whimpers bubbled up from his chest as you used one hand rub your thumb over the head of his cock, dipping your nail lightly into his slit, making him hiss and buck his hips up. The force of his hips moveing upwards lifted you slightly off him, dropping you back down onto his fingers. A high pitched whine echoed around the room at the feeling of him hitting inside you in such a harsh way.
You could feel the familiar pull of your orgasm build rapidly in your stomach, your whines of Yugyeom’s name getting louder as you felt him move forwards and leave sloppy kisses against the swell of your breasts. He could tell by the way your moans grew in volume that you were almost there, his fingers unceasingly curling inside you and ultimately bringing you over the edge. Your orgasm hit full force, your moans and calls echoing around the room as his fingers continued to stroke at your walls.
Yugyeom’s hand fisted tighter around his cock as he desperately chased his own end. You leaned forward, your chest against his own, the material of your bra rubbing against his nipples, making him whine.
“You’ve been so good baby, such an obedient boy for me. And when we get home I’ll let you fuck me into the mattress, you can even tie me up, have me whimpering and shaking and begging for your mercy as your hand turns my asscheek red but you know I’ll be so wet for you-”
He came with a shout of your name, the images of you letting him be dominant and have you be a good girl for him proved too much. Especially with the way your voice seductively caressed the words, your hot puffs of breath hitting the shell of his ear.
His breathing was rapid as he calmed down, his eyes hooded with pleasure as he smiled lovingly at you.
“That was so fucking hot,” he said with a raspy voice, “but how are we going to clean this up?” He asked looking down at the rapidly cooling pool of his own semen spattered across his torso. You stood up off him, dressing yourself before moving over to your bag in the corner. You pulled out one of his shirts going back over to him and using his other one to clean him up.
“Why do you have one of my shirts with you?” He asked with a chuckle, standing and pulling his pants up, adorning his bare chest with the shirt you gave him. You scrunched your nose as you looked at him.
“I hate having to hug you and drive you home when your shirt is soaked with sweat. It’s gross.”
He giggled again, putting his arm around you and pulling you into his chest. The rest of Got7 walked in, silent and looking straight at you both. Your eyes widened when you looked down and saw at least half of them were slightly hard and shifting uncomfortably. It was Jinyoung who spoke first.
“Please don’t fuck in here again, every time I’m going to come here now all I will be able to think about it the sound of Y/N whining,” he said with a sigh, moving over to flop down on the sofa.
“Hyung, you probably don’t want to…” Yugyeom trailed off, looking at where Jinyoung was sat. His eyes widened and he jumped from the sofa like it had burnt him.
“Really, the one place we can sit!” He shouted. “You two are at it like fucking rabbits.”
Then it was Jaebum’s turn to speak up.
“You do realise there are cameras in here right, as in, what you just did has been recorded.” A smirk spread slowly across your lips and Yugyeom just looked at you, shaking his head incessantly knowing exactly what you were gonna say and praying to all the deities in the universe that you would think better of it, but alas.
“I hope it was recorded, I want a copy of it for when Yugyeom leaves for tour again.”
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