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So.... I already finished the entire first season onNetflix... I have a feeling that a lot was skipped though so I'm looking for the manga now to download....
All in all though... Great anime and story line! Not my usual cup of tea seeing as I normally don't like the gun based animes but this was awesome. I want to start reading the manga asap.. Netflix does good and Seven Deadly Sins is a perfect example but the manga is ALWAYS better... For real though... What happened to Kai??!!!!!
I just started watching this last night!
the animation threw me off a little
I have a manga app I use to read all my manga but this one isn't on there for some reason. @DevilsSon
@UzumakiJess welp have fun they have alot of good manga to read but im not big ionreading so i unistalled it馃槄
I do pay for crunchyroll! I didn't even think of that! @DevilsSon
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