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Take You There Member: Choi Junhong (Zelo) Group: B.A.P Fluff Something seemed special about today. Other than the fact that it was Valentine’s Day, Junhong seemed to be acting off. It’s like he was nervous about something. I can’t possibly imagine what it could be either. We’re pretty good friends and we’ve been spending Valentine’s Day together for a couple years now due to the fact that both of us are single. Oh wait! I bet he finally found a girl he liked. I’m both happy and sad about that. I’m happy that I don’t have to watch him mope around my house as we pig down on everything in the kitchen and watch shitty movies. I’m sad about the fact that now I have to mope around the house by myself. But hey, the kid needs some love. I mean, ever since Young Wild Free came out, fangirls have been fawning over him and his abs. Maybe that’s another reason why he getting a girl isn’t such a bad idea, because if he did come over, he’d lose those abs so quick. I’ve noticed in several fandoms that when someone loses their chocolate abs, they lose a lot of fans. Which is incredibly shallow to me. I can’t understand why someone would just completely give up their love for a group over abs. Then again, I like squishy bellies. Yeah, abs are cool, but squishy bellies are adorable. “So are you coming over today or not? You’ve avoided this question like 6 times. If you don’t answer me I’ll just get some cheesecake and have Daehyun oppa come over.” I laughed into the phone. “O-oh yeah. I’ll come over today.” He sounded distracted. “Okay, when? I don’t want to go to the store right now, but I don’t want to go after you get here either.” I flopped over on the couch and stared up at the ceiling. “Um in a couple hours? When practice is over?” It was like he was asking my permission or something. “Alright, see you then. Wait! Any junk food in particular you want?” I asked. “CHEESECAKE!” I heard Daehyun scream in the background. “Oh..Daehyun hyung and Youngjae hyung want to tag along.” Junhong said before I heard an audible slap. I raised my eyebrows as Daehyun yelped. A faint “shh” was heard from Youngjae. “Yeah that’s fine. What kind of cheesecake does Daehyun oppa want? And does Youngjae oppa want anything?” I asked, scratching my ear. The phone made rustling sounds as Junhong fumbled to put it on speaker. “Regular cheesecake is fine!” Daehyun chirped. I could hear the giant smile on his face at the mention of cheesecake. “Well, since its Valentine’s Day there’s probably going to be cherry topped cheesecake so do you want that instead?” I asked. “Yes!” “And Youngjae oppa?” “I’m fine with whatever.” “Alright. Junhong? Anything special this year or the usual?” I asked. “U-usual.” He stammered. “Is it cold in the practice room? Why are you stuttering so much?” I asked, sitting up. “You better not get sick. Because Himchan oppa will blame it on me.” I said quickly. Daehyun and Youngjae both started laughing really hard. “It’s true! He always blames me! Even when you guys aren’t in Korea he blames me!” I laughed. “That’s because it’s always your fault!” Himchan yelled faintly. “No it isn’t!” I yelled back, causing DaeJae to laugh uncontrollably and Daehyun actually snorted. “I’m fine.” Junhong said. “Alright then I’ll see you in a bit.” I said, hanging up and getting ready to go to the store. I didn’t feel like actually looking decent and putting on makeup and adult clothes so I just put stayed in a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt. I put a mask on and pulled my hood over my messy bun. Daehyun got me combat boots for my birthday a couple years ago and they’re unbelievably comfortable so I pulled those on. Once I got all the needed junk to eat, I set them on the counter and grabbed a box of candy before plopping down on the couch and turning on Angel Eyes. Once I got to a very emotional part, I was cuddled up in the couch, tears pricking at my eyes, food piled around me, the boys came in. “Yah! Are you crying already?!” Youngjae teased, plopping down next to me. “Don’t judge me!” I yelled, hitting him with a pillow, causing both of us to laugh. Daehyun and Junhong filed in shortly after. Daehyun had a big smile on his face and Junhong was frowning. This Valentine’s Day must be hitting him hard. Daehyun plopped onto the couch on the other side of me and picked up some food before stuffing his face. “What you don’t even say hello, you just go straight for my food?” I asked him, hitting him with the pillow, making him jump. “Yep, I’m just using you to get to my one true love.” He smiled at me. “By the way, where is my beloved cheesecake?” He asked, standing up and heading towards the kitchen. “It’s on the top shelf of the fridge. There’s some ice cream too if you want any.” I said, causing Youngjae to jump up really fast. Junhong looked around awkwardly, avoiding eye contact and sitting down on the couch farthest away from me. “Jun-ah~…” I called, waving to him, not moving from my mountain of miscellaneous food. “Yah! Are you ignoring me? Did I do something wrong?” I asked, crossing my arms. He shook his head at me, quickly. “No, no it’s nothing like that.” He said, looking over at me then looking away, his cheeks a light shade of pink. “Did something happen? You look stressed.” I asked, finally moving from my food haven. He cleared his throat and shook his head. “I’m alright.” He said, scratching the back of his neck, before standing up and walking into the kitchen. I frowned and started to move the food onto the coffee table. I could hear Daehyun whispering in the other room. “Go do it like a man. Go! Go go go go!” Then Junhong was pushed into the room. I raised an eyebrow at him. “What was that about?” I asked him. He cleared his throat then sighed sharply and walking over to me. He sat down and took my hands in his. “What are you doing?” I asked, his face turning a darker shade of pink. “Listen very carefully to what I’m about to say, okay?” “O…kay..?” “We’ve been friends for a while now and lately…I want to see you every day, want to hug you. Whatever you do, you’re so pretty. Other girls don’t catch my eye because of how bright you shine. The more time passes, the more my heart flutters whenever I look at you, even now its going crazy. But only when I’m holding you am I comfortable. So what I’m trying to say is….will you go out with me? I’ll take you any place you want to go, I just need you by my side. Different than the obvious wolves that go after you, you know it when you look in my eyes.” “He didn’t just…” Daehyun whispered. “He did.” Youngjae whispered back. “Did…you really just use one of your songs…to ask me out?” I asked, fighting a smile. “M..maybe.. What’s your answer?” He asked. Sighing, I pulled my hands out of his and looked away before looking back, seeing his nervous eyes. Then I leaned forward and pecked him on the lips. “YES!” DaeJae both yelled from the kitchen. “Is that a good enough answer?” I asked, seeing his face turning a bright red. “Yeah…it’s a perfect answer.” He smiled.
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