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Hello everyone I am back from my long break from the internet and Vingle. I finally have wifi! Thank you guys sooooo much for tagging me in everything. It will take me quite a few days to get through everything because there is over 1,000!!!
I have missed so much! And I missed everybody!
While I was away I adopted a dog named Chewy he is a Shih Tzu. He is missing one eye and blind in the other (so he is completely blind) He is 5years old. He recently had an accident with another dog at the rescue causing him to lose his eye and damage the optic nerve in the other. He is adjusting pretty well.
I haven't drawn anything lately because I've been so busy with work and things. But am planning on drawing again. I went to Ohio for 2 weeks and became a certified Dog Groomer !
I usually don't listen to girl groups but I have now started getting into Mamamoo!
Up10tion's new look is amazing!
I've got alot to catch up on. If I don't get to your cards right away I will eventually it's just going to take some time.
I am so glad to be back! Sorry if I forgot to tag anyone this is my old tag list so if you want to be added or removed let me know :)
@destiny1419 haha poor thing. He has to get over that.
@Ercurrent he is mad at me today because I had to take him to the vet then he peed all over himself and me so I had to give him a bath
@twistedPuppy unless you are near West Tennessee I don't think I could :)
Chewy is so cute!!!
Yay!!!! Welcome back:)
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