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So lots of people have been doing theirs and I thought I'd share though I'm super self conscious about putting photos of myself up.... and I absolutely suck at this kind of stuff... So the product above I've only had for a week but it's amazing... you can get it at Walmart at a great price. It will probably last a long time unlike a lot of other toner bottles. I put this on after my face drys out of the shower... i can feel it tightening my pores but it doesn't dry my skin out at all which is good because my skin is like a desert right now... I'd say the only down side so far is that it stinks lol the witch hazel smells bad but it doesn't stay on your face so don't worry...
I'm a little embarrassed that you can see my messy sink top but I was getting ready for the day... and I do organize when I finish lol. This is another product I've only had for a week... I've been hesitant to use a heavy moisturizer because in the past it has caused my skin to break out... I'd say that this isn't the case with this one and it's really starting to bring my face back to life... It doesn't make my skin feel oily when it dries but smells and feels wonderful... in my pj's still lol
Bonus product! I love this product because 2 times a week my skin looks brighter and feels smoother then it ever has... the charcoal warms up your face and the sugar is a gentle scrub.
after I clean my face, I use a light moisturizer and then I put on my primer... this is my favorite primer I've tried from elf and is the most tacky so it holds on to your makeup.
Aside from the tone adjusting primer I use elfs hydrating under eye primer. I work in a giant cooler so my skin suffers from dryness and I keep the smiles lines at bay with moisturizer as well as I can...
I only use this product when I'm breaking out..... like right now... Its a BB cream but if you want it to stay relatively green don't rub it in because it does change color on its own if you dab it on... if you rub it, it becomes an unnatural orange so it can be a bit of a pain to get used to at first. In the photo of me you can't really see it because I took it too late... I already put some foundation on one side of my face and it had started to turn closer to my face color at that point... I only put it on red spots or dark spots.
The Neutrogena foundation is what I use... not just because it's labeled skin clearing but for me it's the only liquid foundation I've actually really liked... it gives medium coverage and doesn't get oily easily.... I also have recently been using elfs foundation serum when I want light coverage and sun protection but this one isn't really my color... as you can tell I'm white af....
Then I do my eyes while I let my makeup sit and dry... the elf under eye highlighter is for people like me who get zero sleep and want to fake it lol. I put it on under my eyes and let it sit while I straighten my hair... unless my hair is behaving, but that's pretty rare... On a normal week day I only put on mascara because I give myself 20 minutes to do all this shit... When I have time I use my DHC liquid eyeliner which is hard af for me... if they aren't twins they're sisters right?... I also use an old Bobby Brown eyeshadow palette that is simply the shit... sorry for the lack of photo there...
So this product I actually use in between my eye routine after I blend my under eye highlighter... I know it's only supposed to be used to bake the cover up you put under your eyes but I use it on my entire face because then my makeup lasts all day long... I never have to worry about it rubbing off on something I hide my face behind.... this product fills in lines and does not cake up...
and there's your finished product lol I don't do anything to my eyebrows except pluck any that are out of place... Also i always make sure I blend into the neck... I used to not do that but realized the error in my ways...
Also if you guys are having a hard time finding a good heat protectant or if you have unruly hair like mine that tries to go back to its natural wave this product is Godly... I've used a lot of heat protectants in my day but this one is the first product I've used that works on 2 fronts... amazing protection from drying (conditions hair and makes it sleek), and holds your hair straight all day.
WOAH Your skin is amazing!!!!! So the new ELF skincare products are bomb huh? I saw their water based moisturizer at the store the other day and I almost bought it. Might definitely need to go back for that. More looks from you please! Really great job. @jordanhamilton @hikaymm @stephosorio her routine is really fun!
you definitely deserve some credit for that skin tho ! Loving this card too btw!
Whoaaaa! Your skin is definitely flawless and witch hazel is my holy grail for sure!
@stephosorio thank you!
@TessStevens thanks! I have to admit my skin is a total work in progress still, especially with this break out... being a girl can be rough once every month lol.... @jordanhamilton thanks! it makes me happier every day I use it my pores are getting smaller and instead of larger pimples popping up from stress or hormones they seem to be smaller and go away faster.