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Sure it's another Monday 😒 but just like the One Piece crew, knock em straight to defeat until the weekend adventures are back. Even though the whole week may be an adventure too!! Don't be discourage by the day or work, keep sailing away towards your dreams and you will reach them. Don't let a single day get in your way. Always know they're will be something, anything lying ahead and you can always do you absolute best to believe and confront it!! NAKAMA that can be trusted will help you fulfill these goals and DREAMS!! So keep at it NAKAMA because soon you won't even notice a Monday for a Wednesday or Friday!! It's just another adventure at life to conquer and even when things look down n grim keep your head high and smile because that and believing can take you just about anywhere if you want it enough!! Carpe Diem my NAKAMA!! Anime is life!! One Piece is Love!!