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I don't know who all is watching "Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?" aka Is there Ever a girl online, but man....Ako might be the anime girl that we have all been WAITING for in an anime!

She's a total nerd.

She's super cute.

She's addicted to online gaming.

She doesn't like people who don't like games.

She's affectionate.

She's loyal.

Did I mention she's adorable?

She gets jealous easily

Oh, and but did I mention that she can't tell the difference between games & reality?

There's that, too. Still, I think Ako is pretttttty great!
Yes!!! Of all the new shows airing this is my favorite by far! Mayoiga, Re:Zero, and Kiznaiver are all up there but this one struck a cord with me big time!!! Ako is perfect!!
if only girls can be like this. There are but jeez they are 1 in 100
She's cute!!
I haven't watched it yet, but so far the manga ia pretty good. Not enough time in the world to do everything.
@hikaymm I think it's pretty good, it has a very interesting concept!
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