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I don't know who all is watching "Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?" aka Is there Ever a girl online, but man....Ako might be the anime girl that we have all been WAITING for in an anime!

She's a total nerd.

She's super cute.

She's addicted to online gaming.

She doesn't like people who don't like games.

She's affectionate.

She's loyal.

Did I mention she's adorable?

She gets jealous easily

Oh, and but did I mention that she can't tell the difference between games & reality?

There's that, too. Still, I think Ako is pretttttty great!
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She Cute馃槃
@hikaymm I think it's pretty good, it has a very interesting concept!
I haven't watched it yet, but so far the manga ia pretty good. Not enough time in the world to do everything.
She's cute!!
if only girls can be like this. There are but jeez they are 1 in 100