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I don't know how to explain it, but I'm up to through episode 3 in Mayoiga, and well....the show isn't that great. LIke it's good but as of right now I'm not 1000% sold that it will keep being great. But somehow I love it!
(slights spoilers through episode 3, but nothing too detailed!!!)
It's just pretty damn enjoyable. I love all of the different personalities clashing together and the eerie feeling I keep getting watching this....like I really have no idea who to trust, who not to trust, who's crazy, or what's going on, and I love it!
On the flip side of that, everyone is crazy and there's really only one or two redeemable characters at this point (Speedstar, who may or may not be real, and Lion and I guess Maimai)
And some of the moments are just too ridiculous! Why aren't people more suspicious of the garden? Of the bus driver? Of Masaki (looking at you mitsumune)? Just whyyyy?

And yet....I love it. Every little moment of it!

Can't wait for the next episode!!!

Tagging some others watching Mayoiga:
I agree 100% it's an alright anime. but it's so interesting I can't stop watching it
I agree it's meh but I'm still drawn to it like a moth to a flamethrower
@wakleyjj not really I watch shows I am annoyed by but somehow don't change the channel. then there are anime like one peice that makes me want to give up on anime all together... it just sepends
@JosephCannon @ChrisStephens doesn't that make it a more than ok anime if it has the presence to draw you in like that and that your not giving it enough credit for what it's actually doing? But hahah what do I know I'm just some guy in some house some where . I personally love this I give it 8/10 almost 9/10 can't wait for next episode!