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Photographer Anna Theodora
haha yeah! that's like the super busiest summer i ever had! but it'll be one of the best, I'm sure! yeaaaah! it's been a year i've been saving up for this! ^_^ yep will do so! thank you!!
@MoonMinYeon Omg, MoonMi. You are super crazy busy this summer. How are you keeping it all together?! Lol! You're going to Dublin?!?! Waaaah! :*( Take me with youuuuuu! I want to go there so bad. Be sure to take lots of pictures, okay! I will definitely do so. Stay safe and take care of yourself. Have lots of fun!
it's nice to know I'm missed :) I'll try to come back soon, but i feel like this summer is gonna pass by so quickly! i have friends coming over and then i'll be traveling to dublin and the are for 10 days and then my best friend is gonna move across the country and I want to throw a farewell party (which i'll have to organize by myself mostly!) so yeah, i don't know how i'll find enough time lol :) take care while I'm away!
@MoonMinYeon I miss all your lovely cards and the poetry. It's okay, I'll be patient. I know you'll come back eventually. We miss you! Well, I definitely want you to enjoy your holidays. Are you going to be traveling a lot?
yep it's just wonderful! yep, i took some time to come here because i might be busy again since I'm going on holidays soon!
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