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Genre: Angst Pairing: Hoseok x Reader (?) Length: 1967 words Summary: In a heartbeat, he became a stranger. Y/n’s POV “What the fuck do you mean ‘We’re over!’”, Hoseok shouted for the third time. Yet I remained silent, the tears streaming down my face. I stared at the shards of glass on the floor. Hoseok had knocked over the coffee table, and it had made a right mess. Just like the mess he’d made of this relationship. I knew all those late night trips he had been making more and more frequently weren’t just business meetings. He must have thought I was stupid. It was by chance that I walked past his office yesterday, and thought to go in and surprise him, only to find him tongue-fucking his secretary. I had walked straight back out, not wanting to cause a scene. And this morning, I had finally mustered up the courage to tell him I was done. That we were done. Yet he still had the audacity to ask why. We both shared this apartment, but my plan was to break up, and then make my way to Jimin’s place. I could stay there until I figured something out. Jimin was my best friend. He had been the one to introduce me to Hoseok. I could trust him with anything. He had been the first (and only) person I had called after I had caught Hoseok. I felt numb. I couldn’t breath being this close to him, I needed out. We lived on the bottom floor and the door was unlocked, as I had planned everything out. My phone was in my pocket, and right now, that was all I needed. He was screaming at me, but I had stopped listening a good few minutes ago. Abruptly, I turned on my heel, and ran. I ran to the door, swung it open. I ran down past main reception. Hoseok ran after me, shouting my name. He sounded annoyed. I needed to get away. He didn’t need me. Hell, he didn’t even want me. “Y/n, babe, stop!”, he didn’t sound annoyed any more, just frantic. Worried. I almost stopped just because of the concern in his voice, but that image seared into my mind of Hoseok with another, prettier woman willed me to carry on. I ran past the revolving doors, knowing full well that despite my head start, Hoseok was closing the gap. “Y/n!”, he screamed. I was sobbing. What had I done to deserve this? I saw a gap in the heavy traffic, so I didn’t slow down to cross the road. “Y/N NO!” Hoseok sounded really agitated, so I stopped and whirled around at the sound of his voice. The look of pure horror on his face, made me turn to my left to face the oncoming traffic. I couldn’t see anything throught my tears, so I hastily wiped my eyes. I heard beeping. I saw a car coming. I felt the impact. I was falling And then- Hoseok’s POV “NO,shit someone call an ambulance!” Hoseok gasped. He was sobbing. “No no y/n. No, I’m sorry babe. I’m so sorry.” He couldn’t breath, it was like the wind had been knocked out of him. Her seemingly lifeless figure was too much to bear. He was the worst man in the world. He was a piece of shit. He deserved this, not y/n. He was about to lose the love of his life because he had no self control. He felt her pulse. It was slowing down “Hurry up!” he shouted at the driver, who himself was in a state of shock. “Y/n babe, stay with me. Stay with me, I love you.” He was still rambling about how much he loved her when the ambulance arrived. He went with her and refused to let go of her limp hand, even when the paramedics asked him. “No”, he wailed. “My y/n needs me!” At the hospital, she was rushed off to A and E, and despite Hoseok putting up a fight, they wouldn’t let him through. “Sir please! We understand you’re distraught, but take a seat in the waiting are. We don’t want to have to take precautionary measures!” Hoseok griited his teeth, but complied. He didn’t know what to do. All he could think of was y/n’s frail body being knocked down. Her scream. Her falling. Then…nothing. All he could do was sit there, in self-loathing. He was disgusted at himself for shouting. He never shouted at her. Ever. The break up was so sudden he didn’t know what to make of it. There was a small voice at the back of his head, telling him that maybe she had seen him sometime this week with…her, but she never cam round to the office, so he dismissed it. He sat there for about half an hour, before deciding to call their only mutual friend. Jimin. Jimin would help him get through this. Or so he thought. He took his phone out of his pocket, his hands still shaking. Jimin would be home right now, and he lived near the hospital. He answered within seconds. “H-hello”, Hoseok sniffed. “Hello, Jimin?” He wasn’t expecting the response he received. “What do you want Hoseok?”, Jimin asked coldly. Hoseok frowned at his tone of voice, but proceeded to tell Jimin in short that they had argued, and that y/n had ran out, and that she had got hit be a car. He was sobbing by the end of it. As soon as he had mentioned the accident, he could hear Jimin grabbing his keys and running out the door. He stayed on the phone with Hoseok as he ran to the hospital. Jimin’s POV Jimin was so angry at Hoseok. He had the nerve to act innocent even after y/n had been hit by a car, because of him? Yes they were friends. But Hoseok had crossed a line. He told Jimin how he had shouted at her. Jimin’s eyes darkened at the very thought. He imagined a crying y/n and it killed him. She didn’t deserve that. She didn’t deserve any of this. Jimin regretted introducing Hoseok to her now. Unable to control his anger, he screamed into the phone. “Of course she was going to break up with a cheater!” He was getting out of breath, but didn’t stop running. Silence from the other end. Hoseok whispered, “W-what? How..?” He couldn’t even finish the question. “Y/n walked past your office yesterday. She went in to surprise you only to find you making out with the fucking secretary”, Jimin spat in disgust. He was nearing the hospital now. He figured Hoseok would be sat in A and E. “Shit”, was all Hoseok could say in response to Jimin’s outburst. “Damn right Hoseok”, Jimin growled. He had no sympathy for Hoseok right now. His best friend was in a critical condition because of his stupidity. “How could you? All that bullshit about loving her forever!” “Jimin”, Hoseok was rendered speechless. Jimin entered the double doors that led to A and E. He stopped dead in the waiting room,as Hoseok looked him in the eyes. His were filled with pain, while Jimin’s showcased fury. Both men still had the phone’s to their ears when Hoseok whispered, “I still love her.” Y/n’s POV They say your ears are the first part of you to wake up. I couldn’t move, but I would routinely hear the door creaking open, the echoing of high heels. I would also feel. I would feel the cool metal of a stethoscope. I would feel the needle being inserted into me as they changed the drip. Days passed. Weeks, in fact. And every day they would come to visit me. Sometimes together, sometimes not. On this occasion, they were both here. I could hear their distinguished voices. It was Hoseok who spoke first, as I lay there and listened to his gentle voice. “Hey there y/n. I bought flowers. Your favorite.” I smiled at him warmly from inside my head. Thank you Hoseok. I heard Jimin murmur, “She’s looking better. Not so pale.” I’m glad the two of them were on talking terms. I remembered the first time Jimin came alone to visit me, weeks ago. He was joking (I think) about how he needed me to wake up, so he could kill Hoseok and I could help him hide the body. From what I could hear, Jimin was stood on the left side of the bed, and Hosoek on the right. I felt his warm hands envelope my own. “I’m sorry babe. Please come back. I don’t care if you hate my guts when you do, I just want you to wake up.” I forgive you Hoseok. Please stop. He apologised to me everyday. From what I gathered, he hadn’t been eating or sleeping properly since I’ve been here. I felt my fingers twitch under Hoseok’s hold. Am I…Am I waking up? Hoseok gasped. “Jimin! Jimin, she just moved!” Jimin probably looked dubious, judging by the silence, but I felt my right arm being lifted up. “Look!” As if on cue, my fingers twitched again. “Oh my god!”, Jimin shouted. “Y/n! Y/n, wake up!” he sounded so happy that I smiled. Physically smiled. “She’s smiling!”, Hoseok yelled with glee. It took a few minutes for my eyes to finally flutter open. I blinked a few times, to adjust to the harsh lights, and white clinical walls. I turned to my left, and weakly smiled at Jimin. His orange hair gave me a certain warmth and familiarity. “Hi there”, he smiled at me. “Y/n, are you OK?” I nodded, seeing as after week’s of not being used, my voice box wouldn’t allow me to speak. “Jimin…”, I whispered. He smiled, and grasped my hand. I felt a tear escape. I didn’t know why I was crying. Must have been the anesthetic. “Hey hey”, he gently wiped my eyes with his sleeve. “What’s up?” I just shrugged at him in confusion, because I honestly didn’t know myself. “Y/n”, another gently voice spoke up from my right. I looked away from Jimin, to find a sleep-deprived, dark-haired man, greeting me with a small smile. He was also holding my hand, drawing small reassuring circles on it with the pad of his thumb. When I stared at him, his smile faltered. I didn’t know when he had last slept, but he had really prominent dark circles under his eyes. He looked pretty ill. “Babe, I know you’re mad, but please say something”, he silently pleaded. Babe? “I-im sorry. Have we met before?” His face scrunched up like he was in physical pain. “That’s not funny y/n”, he spoke quietly. I furrowed my brows in confusion. There was something about him- his voice, his smell- that bought me great comfort, but also made my chest tighten in pain. I turned to Jimin, and I felt the dark-haired man’s grip loosen on me slightly. “Jimin, is he one of your friends?” The man let go completely. I heard him gasp. When I turned back to him, both his hands were covering his mouth, his eyes wide in disbelief. Jimin looked equally shocked. “Y/n…you remember Hoseok?” I shook my head. Hoseok? “But you two…”, Jimin trailed off. “How does she remember you and not me?”, the dark-haired man, Hoseok, asked. His voice cracked with hurt as he asked question. Jimin just shook his head at him, as if to say ‘I don’t know’. A doctor burst in and made us all jump. He ushered Jimin and Hoseok out, telling them I was to be sedated so I could be administered one last dose of some strong painkiller. As they walked out, I noticed that Hoseok looked a lot more distraught than when I had first seen him. I didn’t have time to ponder as the darkness took over once more.
Damn .... why is y/not always cheated on ??? 😂😂😂😂 Haha good start sounds interesting
Aaaaaiiiiiiissssssshhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! How???????? WWWWAAAAAEEEEE???????
@MaritessSison @TaehyungV thank you guys^^
damnit I can already tell I'm gonna get addicted to this and the feels will not be pretty *flips table*... it has already begun 0_0
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