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History is a five-member boy group from South Korea formed by LOEN Entertainment. They debuted on April 26, 2013 with "Dreamer", featuring the narration of their fellow labelmate IU. They are LOEN Entertainment's first boy group.
Loen Entertainment announced on April 12, 2013 that they would unveil their first male idol group "History". The agency announced the group would make their debut in the same month on the 26th. Alongside they unveiled two of the members, Kim Si Hyoung, who appeared on Ulzzang Shidae Season 3 and Jang Yi Jeong, who appeared on Birth of A Great Star 2, while member Na Do Kyun was a former vocalist for a ballad group rock band Buzz, known as the stage name Na Yul. The leader Song Kyung Il was a dancer, also appeared as male model in IU's Beautiful Dancer & Fiestar's Vista MV with Kim Si Hyoung, IU's Cruel Fairy Tale performance on SBS Inkigayo and GD TV. He is also part of Nuthang (pronounced ‘new-thang’), a group of respected people & close friends that includes Big Bang’s G-Dragon & TOP, and other famous people including actors, models, law students, stylists, and more.
A teaser was released in April 2013 titled "Do you know us?", starring IU. To arise anticipation a series of trailers titled 'Real Dating Tip Book' were released, starting from April 15 till the 19, each trailer a different member would appear giving out advice and tips about dating. On the 19 of April, the group and also individual teaser photos were released. It was announced that actress and songstress Son Dam Bi would appear in the group's upcoming debut video for 'Dreamer'. On April 26, the debut music video for 'Dreamer' was released. The song 'Dreamer' was composed by Lee Min Soo and written by Kim Yi Na. It also features narration from labelmate IU and rap written by fellow labelmate Sunny Hill's Misung. They have made their debut stage on Show! Music Core. On August 6, 2013 Loen Entertainment announced their comeback with their 1st mini album and also releasing a teaser image with all the members. On the 13 of August, the second group teaser image was released. It was revealed that the title track 'Tell Me Love [Korean Title: Tropical Night]' was a collaborative work of [V.O.S]'s Choi Hyun Joon and composer Lim Kwang Wook. Also hip hop group Eluphant's Kebee wrote the lyrics for the song. Two days later, the first music video teaser for their upcoming title track 'Tell Me Love' was released. On August 20, the music video for 'Tell Me Love' was released alongside the mini album 'JUST NOW'. The boy group was revealed to be making their second comeback in the same year via the group's official Twitter. The new mini album 'Blue Spring' was set to be released on November 28. On November 20, the first teaser of the group was released it showcased the boys running through the streets of Berlin, Germany. The director was involved to be Hwang Su Ah, who directed music videos for IU's "The Red Shoes" and "Good Day" also Ga-In's "Bloom". Producer Cho Young Chul took care of producing the album 'Blue Spring', as well as Yoon Sang who composed the title track and last but not least lyricist Kim Eana who was in charge of lyrics in the album. The music video of the title track 'What Am I To You' was released on the 26th of November. The full album was released on November 28. It was revealed that IU would release an repackage album 'Modern Times - Epilogue'. The title track, composed and written by herself, 'Friday' featured member Yijeong in the song.
On June 10, 2014 the track list for the group's upcoming album 'Desire' was released. The album contains five songs including 'I Got U', 'No Sun', 'It's Alright', 'Blue Moon', and the title track 'Psycho'. On June 15, two teasers for members Yi Jeong and Si Hyoung through the group's Facebook. The next day, three teasers for the remaining members Kyungil, Dokyun and Jaeho were released. The title track 'Psycho' is composed by Lee Min Soo, East4A and lyrics written by Kim Eana. In addition to this track, the album 'Desire' includes 'I Got U & Blue Moon' which lyrics are written by member Yijeong. Longtime producer Cho Young Chul, who produced their debut single 'Dreamer' and mini albums 'Just Now'and 'Blue Spring' also took part in this album. On June 17, a preview of all five songs in the album was released besides that it was confirmed that the album would be released on the 23rd of June. On May 20 2015, History released their fourth mini album 'Beyond the History' along with the Music Video for the title track 'Might just die'. On April 11 2016, History released their fifth mini album 'HIM' along with the Music Video for the title track 'Queen'.