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This is my response to the Bulletproof Team's challenge this week for collaborations we'd want to see. I decided I'd choose some American artists and pair them with Korean artists like UNIQ, JJY Band, Rap Monster, and Suga! Plus one Korean collab!

Warning: Some songs have explicit lyrics, there will be warnings saying which ones do

UNIQ and Cobra Starship

UNIQ can have cute fluffy songs, as can Cobra Starship. As seen in Fool Like Me. But both groups make songs with electronic sounds to there songs too. So I think it'd be awesome to see an electro/rock song between these two. Even though it'd probably be really random, this is mostly based on music sounds. First Video: Listen to Me by UNIQ Second Video: Fool Like Me by Cobra Starship Third Video: Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship

Warning: Cussing in last two videos

JJY Band and Fall Out Boy

Patrick Stump of FOB has a seriously unique voice that I think would pair really well with Jung Joon Young's unique voice. They also make pretty original sounding rock. I think they could make a total hit! First Video: OMG by JJY Band Second Video: Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued by FOB Third Video: Sunset by JJY Band Fourth Video: Irresistible by FOB

Rap Monster of BTS and Deuce

Deuce is an American rapper with a rock/metal/hip-hop sound. He was the leader of his previous band who he tried to keep together, but was left behind even though he made them what they were. He had a lot of stress and responsibilities as a leader, something Rapmon can probably relate to. Both have a certain realistic/bordering on depressing (in a good way?) lyric writing ability. They could write a great, meaningful track. Video: The One by Deuce

Warning: Explicit content and lyrics

Suga of BTS and Deuce

Deuce again! I'd love to see a diss track between these two! I think as two producers and great diss writers, they could make an amazing song. Both can make songs with different genre sounds that I think they'd be able to come up with some sick beats between the two of them! Not to mention, they both give absolutely no fucks about what people think. If anyone is curious, this track was directed at his band that left him. Video: Story of a Snitch by Deuce

Warning: Explicit content and lyrics

If you want to listen to more of his music, I made a card here with songs of his. Highly recommend him.

Beast and Cross Gene

And for two Korean groups I'd love to see collaborate, Beast and Cross Gene would be pretty cool. They both have music with an upbeat, yet sort of mature pop feel to it. First Video: Yey by Beast Second Video: Play With Me by Cross Gene
Thanks for reading/watching/listening! If you liked any of the artists, Korean or American, I can totally recommend some good stuff by them! If you didn't like any, that's okay different tastes ^_^ Whew! That took way too long -_- but it's worth it if someone liked something ^_^ @11erinmims @4dalientae @AaliyahNewbell @AdiaJasinskin @AimeeH @aliahwhbmida @Aliyah16 @AlexAckerman @AlexisRiver @aliciasalinas @AliciaStransky @AlmaRangel @AmandaOwnbey @amberg171997 @AmberRelynn @amobigbang @AnaP @Angelblue @AnnieGoodman @ArielaPicazo @ARMYStarlight @asdfghjkleyr @ashleyemmert @ashrose33 @awkwardjazzy @Badtz @B1A4BTS5ever @BAbrajan1 @baileykayleen @bambamisbae @bangtanella @Beckah1327 @BessanMerab @Bitterlimelight @blackirishawk @BluBear07 @BriannaN @brirodriguez412 @Britneygraham @BtsIsLife @bubblekookie @Byeoli @CallMeMsDragon @CandaceJordan @CarleB @CarlaAcosta @CarlaPacheco @carolinaquito14 @CassidyRoush @CassieWarens @ccebox47 @ChauncySutton13 @ChavaBerry @ChelseaGarcia @chinabarrier16 @Chiqiang @Choijiah @christianliu @CindyHolguin @CocatolaOtaku @CreeTheOtaku @CrystalBlunt @CrystalGuerra @CrystalV @Dabaesaplayer @DaisyPhun @DamarisCisneros @dancingdazzler @daniimals @deefran @Defy24601 @DesireeChucklez @DestinaByrd @DestineeLiu @destiny1419 @dragoncrisis @DreaG1518 @EdithJang @Emealia @EliseB @ElniWyatt @emilyanpham14 @enthropix @Ercurrent @ESwee @exobts947 @externallyeli @fleaisms @FrancescaV95BTS @funnelcakeboo @Gianlica @Gizzy2002 @gummydragon @Helixx @hobisprincess @HunniNutFeelios @HyunnieKim @ILikeHisFace123 @InnocentiaKishi @IsoldaPazo @JadeNarine @JadeOwens @JaeneashaJones @jaidemae @Jasminep96 @JasmineWilliams @JasminMartinez @JasminPerez @JayRaider @jazgaara33 @JelliBelli111 @jessicacheung97 @JessicaFigueroa @jimin21abs @jiminsabs @JinsPrincess86 @Jiyongixoxo @justcallmekyki @JazzyJazJaz @JohnHomampha @KAddict @kanatm @kandle779 @KarenGuerra93 @KarenHer @KatMejia @KatelynSummerso @KarlythePanda66 @KaylaStokes @KellyOConnor @Kelsiumm @Keniaaxox @KeylaMoreno @KeziahWright @kgutierrez @KhouYang @KimHeecha @kmeier230 @KokoroNoTakara @kpopbunny9 @KPOPER1 @KPopFandom @KpopGaby @Kpoplover20 @Kpossible4250 @krin @KrystaDaricek @KwonOfAKind @Kyokeo @lashonda0917 @LaurenStrayhorn @leelee12 @LenaBlackRose @lennykpop @LexTay327 @Lexxcisco @Ligaya @LilySilver @liannet27 @lisbt92 @Lizzeh @loftonc16 @LlamaBaozi577 @LolImbetter09 @luna1171 @MaatiCasanova @Maddie27 @maddiedo @ManduBum @MandyNoona @MarcoLopez @MariahMaes @MaricelvaRomero @MaritsaGil @Meeshell @megancurrent9 @MelinaHernandez @MelissaGarza @merryjayne13 @MichelleIbarra @Mightmuffin @milcalopez963 @MinDeji @minimonkey07 @Minnieluvs @MirandaStephens @mirandazamira @MischiefK1ng @MistressSiren @moonchild03 @MorganElisabeth @mrsjeon @MsLoyalHeart @mszmarclyne93 @musicmofo @myylifeisnow @MyriamMadla98 @MZDawson31508 @NaughTae @NelyLovo @nenegrint14 @nerdy3000 @Nerdydemigod @nikkynoel @ninjamidori @NykeaKing @obiterdictum @Onenonlybovie @OnLarrysCloud @P1B2Bear @parkjiminBTS @pharmgirlerin @Pickles440 @pkhyeri @PrettieeEmm @PrincessUnicorn @poojas @QueenLele @raenel @rapmonsterous20 @resavalencia @reyestiny93 @Rhia @rosajlm2 @roseeoh @Roxy1903 @SamanthaRae19 @sarahdarwish @SarahVanDorn @sarangseoltang @SarangRavi @saraortiz2002 @Shadyllamas @shelbiisonfire @sherrysahar @ShimJooKyung @ShinoYuki @SierraBecerra @SilentPianist @Simba14 @SindyHernandez @SkyRollins @solodaywithB1A4 @squishyseokjin @staceyholley @Stefany17 @StephaniePoore @sugakookie @SugalessJams @SugaMint @SugaOnTop @sugasweetness @SunnaWalo @SunshineChang @SusiBosshammer @swarrier16 @Taehyungie @TaehyungKey @Taisa @TeaeraHarrell @terenailyn @thatoneoutcast @Ticasensei @TiffanyBibian @Tigerlily84 @tinaechle @TLeahEdwards @ToppDogg @torchix @TracyLynnn @twistedPuppy @unnieARMkeY @UnnieCakesAli @Vay754 @VeronicaArtino @VioletaDelRio @VIPFreak2NE1 @ViStorm @viviano6 @VixenViVi @Vixxstarlight1 @VKookie47 @vlargos @vyntnguyen24 @XergaB20 @XionHeart @Xoxojessica12 @xxxtina @ydona @YeseniaF @YeseniaLira @yeseniamh23 @yewookyu @Zyxzj
yup it wd be sooo cool 👍❤👌😲
@sherrysahar agreed lol I want these to be legit XD if I only had three wishes right?
cool let's make this happen
@MichelleIbarra my dad was really into The Beatles and the like, as well as Little Richard, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, and Santana. My mom is all over the place from Conway Twitty to Blink 182 to South Park Mexican to ACDC. She likes just about anything so I also lived in a fairly musical home too XD it's more fun that way
@MadAndrea My family would play different types of genre, like one day it could be daughtry, disturbed, The Beatles, Nirvana, Metallica, etc. The next day, it could be Spanish music like Intocable, Beatriz Adriana, Gerardo Ortiz, etc. So yeah haha
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