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In short, chorizo is a sausage - but not just any sausage. The magic is within the chorizo, it's the way these things are seasoned. They can be available in two forms: fully cooked and dried or fully cooked and semicured. Of course, depending on regions, country, and who you ask, the preparation or creation of a chorizo might vary.
MEXICO: When it comes to the Mexican version of a chorizo, they are prepare with fresh raw pork. It's seasoned with vinegar and chile peppers. Mexican chorizo is typically sold fresh and uncooked (although dry versions do exist).
SPAIN: The Spanish version of a chorizo is made with smoked sausage. These are seasoned with with garlic and piment贸n , a smoked paprika. The sausage can either be sweet or hot. These chorizos can either be serves as tapas or added into main dishes. Yum!

Other Latin American countries of course have their own versions of chorizo! Because chorizos are amazing and should be enjoyed by every country and culture. ;)

I love my countries chorizo but my friend from slovakia gave me some from there and the smoke one was amazing!!!!
o yes indeed
I loveeeee chorizo.. 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
chorizo is nothing short of delicious
friend:what is chorizo? me:Ohohohohohoho,you my friend,MUST TRY THIS MAGICAL FOOD
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