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Voluminous Hair + Simple Tight Line

Sometimes, simple is best, especially if you gifted with voluminous hair! All you need to do tight line the top and bottom and load on mascara to lengthen your lashes. Viola, gorgeous eyes and hair!

Low Maintenance Hair + Cat Eye

This hairstyle will look best if you have bold facial features such as well-defined brows. If you have sparse brows you can always fill them in and throw on a cat eye. Brush on a beige eyeshadow to give it a finishing touch.

Combed Back Hair + Soft Smokey Eye

With a simple combed back hair you want to add dimension to your eyes. A bronze smokey eye, well-groomed brows is the perfect touch to this slick style.

Any Type of Bangs + Dramatic Feline-eyed Flick

Bangs that are growing out will sometimes cover your eyes. To balance the proportion create a smokey eye and complete it with a feline-eyed flick. This will make your eyes pop!
This eye makeup also looks great with blunt bangs.

Bouffant + Sultry Cat Eye

A sexy bouffant and a sultry cat eye is the perfect combo. Finish it with a swipe of mascara to make your lashes fuller.

Edgy Hair + Straight Wing

Here's one simple tip to give your edgy hairstyle more drama. Extend your cat eye past the outer corners. Blend a bit of nude shadow on top for dimension and a touch of shimmer in the inner corners to brighten up your complexion.

Luscious Locks + Classic Cat Eye

Bombshell hair and a thick classic cat eye never fails. Tip: Give it a super-fine flick to lift emphasize your high cheekbones.
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This was a really interesting card. I tend to tone down my makeup when I do big hair too, sleek hair and smoky makeup is a great match!