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Ch. 15
Jimin goes into his room and lays on his bed, he looks over and see’s Suga’s bed empty. Jimin sits up and walks to the living room but Suga was asleep on the couch.
“He was crying.” Hobi said. Jimin looks to see Hobi standing behind him. “He cried himself to sleep.” Hobi spoke again.
“Thanks hyung.” Jimin said as he pats Hobi’s shoulder. Jimin walks over to Suga and moves his hair out of his eyes. He can see some tears still falling from Suga’s closed eyes and wipes them away. Jimin kisses Suga’s forehead and then picks him up carrying him to their room. Suga wraps his arms around Jimin’s neck and nuzzles his head on his chest. Jimin smiles, how can his hyung be so cute when he sleeps. Jimin swears he falls in love with Suga every time he looks at him. Hobi followed Jimin.
Hobi holds the door open for Jimin as he carries Suga into their room.
“Thanks hyung.” Jimin says, Hobi just nods his head
“Goodnight.” Hobi says and then walks to his room where he sees Tae on the bed sitting looking all serious.
“What’s up?” Hobi asks Tae who looks up. Tae holds his hand out motioning Hobi to come over. Hobi walks over to Tae and stands in front of him, Tae wraps his arms around his waist and rest his head on Hobi’s stomach. Hobi holds Tae.
“Hyung, I don’t know what I should do.” Tae starts talking and Hobi thinks it’s just nonsense at first.
“What do you mean?” Hobi asks, he breaks away from Tae and sits down next to him, Tae lays down and rests his head on Hobi’s lap.
“Remember the night Jimin got hit by Suga’s car. There’s a reason why Jimin walked out into the street like that.” Tae stopped to take a breath. Hobi placed his hand on Tae’s face caressing it. “Jungkook, he hurt Jimin.” Tae closed his eyes, he tears run down his face, he knew he had no place to share this information with Hobi, but when he did he felt like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders, he couldn’t keep secrets from Hobi and it was killing him that he knew and no one other than Jungkook and Jimin knew. Well, Jimin doesn’t remember right now but Tae was sure Jimin will eventually, and it worried him because he didn’t want something bad to happen to any of his friends.
“What? What are you talking about Tae?” Hobi asked
“Jungkook raped Jimin that night.” Tae blurted out. Hobi’s face went from worried to shocked in a millisecond. Hobi couldn’t believe Jungkook could do such a thing.
“Why, what made him do that?” Hobi asked Tae. Tae shrugged his shoulders.
“He regrets it, he’s been trying to make up for it, but Jimin doesn’t remember the rape. For now at least.” Tae said, Hobi just nods his head.
“I know Jimin, he will remember it’s just going to be a matter of time when he does.” Tae said.
Jimin lays Suga on his bed and slides next to him.
“Yoongi I love you, I’m in love with you, my heart belongs to you.” Jimin whispers in his ear. Suga smiles and he opens his eyes looking up at a smiling Jimin.
“I know Jimin-ah, I love you too, you have my heart too.” Suga responds.
“I thought you were asleep.” Jimin said. Suga chuckles.
“I was until you picked me up and brought me into the room.” Suga replies, Jimin just smiles and kisses his lover. Before Suga can relax enough to enjoy Jimin’s sweet kisses he pushes Jimin away.
“What were you doing in the bathroom with Jungkook?” Suga asked.
Jimin clears his throat. “I had to ask him a question.”
“I see.” Suga responded. “He couldn’t be the one that hurt you could he?” Suga asked. Jimin scoffed.
“No way it’s Jungkookie, he couldn’t hurt a fly.” Jimin chuckles, but that thought has crossed his mind.
Jimin kept thinking about the night of the accident. He needed to find out why he kept seeing Jungkook in a terrifying way, because if he didn’t he couldn’t move on. Before he knew it Suga was asleep again. “I’m sorry for keeping you up so much lately, I’ll make sure to figure this out so I won’t burden you anymore.” Jimin said softly and the top of Suga’s head before closing his eyes.
The next day the boys were filming some more on their MV “Run” and Jimin came up on Tae’s and Jungkook’s conversation.
“Jungkook if you don’t tell him I will, he needs to know you hurt him.” Tae says
“Don’t you think I know that V hyung. How should I approach him about it huh? Oh hey Jimin I raped you the night you got hit by the car, I hope you forgive me and we can still be friends.” Jungkook said as he runs his hand through his hair. Jimin’s eyes get wide with shock, he places his hand over his mouth so he wouldn’t make a sound and walks away quickly.
Jimin is walking in a daze, thinking about that night trying to remember, he places his hand on his forehead, remembering is giving him a headache. Suga sees Jimin out of the corner of his eye and walks towards him.
“Hey you okay?” Suga asks putting his hand on Jimin’s shoulder making him jump almost hitting Suga in the face.
“Oh yeah hyung, I’m okay.” Jimin replies with a smile. “It’s my turn I’ll be back later.” Jimin walks off, Suga’s eyes follow him, but he turns his head when he hears Tae and Jungkook talking coming out of their hiding place. “It was all fine after the accident, but now something seems off, he’s going to find out what it is.” Suga thought to himself. Suga walks to the area where Jimin is filming his bathtub scene and as he watches he can feel such emotion coming off of Jimin he’s just mesmerized. Jimin used his feelings of pain and despair for this scene. The thought of being hurt by Jungkook like that, and the thought of losing Yoongi when he finds out broke his heart. Would Yoongi accept him still for being stupid for getting himself into this situation? All these thoughts came at the right time to make Jimin acting more believable.
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