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Ch. 16
After Jimin’s scene was done he was freezing as he walked to get changed. Hobi comes in just as Jimin’s zipping up his pants. Jimin is startled and jumps before he realizes who it is.
“Oh it’s you sorry hyung, I was a little jumpy.” Jimin chuckles.
“What’s on your mind Jiminie?” Hobi asks. Jimin looks at his friend confused.
“What do you mean? I’m not thinking of much really.” Jimin says as he clears his throat. Hobi knew better than that, he can read Jimin’s body language pretty good and sense his mood.
“You’re lying. Something’s bothering you. Is it about Jungkook?” Hobi asks, Jimin’s head shoots up.
“Why would you ask about Jungkook, what you know something I don’t hyung?” Jimin asked as he slipped on his shoes he gets up and pulls a sweater on. Moving closer to Hobi looking at his face trying to read it for an answer.
“Do you remember anything?” Hobi asked. Jimin nods his head.
“It’s still a mess but I am picking up the pieces and putting it together. I do know Jungkook raped me that night and I walked into the street after.” Jimin said. Hobi winces because he knows Suga is standing by the door listening to their conversation.
“Hobi, I need you to talk to Jimin for me, he’s not going to tell me anything he dodges me every time I ask.” Suga said.
“What do you mean?” Hobi asks.
“Jimin’s been having nightmares ever since he came back from the hospital he keeps calling for me, telling me someone is hurting him but he doesn’t remember.” Suga explains. Hobi nods his head.
“So you want me to see if he’ll open up to me?” Hobi asks, Suga just nods his head.
“Please, I told you I would love and protect him but how can I do that if he won’t tell me anything?” Suga pleads.
“Okay I’ll go talk to him.” Hobi agrees to Suga’s request.
Suga can’t believe it, Jungkook raped Jimin! Suga felt his anger growing and that’s when he heard someone shout his name.
“Suga please come over and film your part with Jungkook.” The assistant director said. Suga walks away from the room where Jimin and Hobi were. Hobi and Jimin hear Suga’s name being called. Jimin’s eyes get wide and moves past Hobi leaving the room. Jimin sees Suga walking away.
“Hyung, was Suga here the hole time did he over hear our conversation?” Jimin asks panicked. Hobi didn’t get a chance to respond Jimin bolted towards Suga.
“Okay Jungkook and Suga, I’m going to need you guys to fight, shove each other around a bit for this scene okay with Suga leaving Jungkook pushed onto the floor hitting the couch okay. The director explains what he wants from them and both nod their heads, what Jungkook doesn’t know is that Suga isn’t going easy with his this he’s going to let go of some pinned up anger.
After they are done with their shoot, Suga felt somewhat better, Jungkook on the other hand.
“Hyung, those were a little powerful punches don’t ya think?” Jungkook holds his side. Suga walks up to Jungkook and wraps his arm around his shoulder, whispering in Jungkook’s ear.
“I couldn’t hurt you as much as you hurt Jimin when you raped him.” Suga pulls away looking at the shocked expression on Jungkook’s face.
“How did, you find out hyung?” Jungkook stables over his words. Suga just smiled.
“It doesn’t matter; what matters is you will never hurt him again or I’ll kill you.” Suga said and walks away. Jimin sees Suga and follows him to the room from earlier. Suga sits on the chair he was surprised he didn’t kill Jungkook then, he was furious what kept him from killing him was when he noticed Jimin was watching him. The door opens and Jimin walks to Suga.
“Yoonig-ah what were you thinking, those were real punches you could have hurt Jungkook?” Jimin asks. Suga chuckles at the thought Jimin of being concerned for Jungkook.
“He rapes you and you care about his well-being?” Suga asks. Jimin’s mouth falls open and he stops in his tracks.
“How did you find out hyung.” Jimin asks his eyes starting to tear up. Suga looks at Jimin gets up from his chair.
“I overheard you talking with Hobi, I had him ask you what was going why you wouldn’t tell me what was bothering you.” Suga explains. Suga walks to Jimin and caresses his face looking into Jimin’s teary eyes a tear falls from his right eye and Suga wipes it away.
“Don’t cry Jimin-ah, I’m sorry he hurt you, I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you.” Suga says, Jimin shakes his head. Wrapping his arms around Suga and resting his head on Suga’s shoulder.
“No no, thank you for loving me and wanting to take care of me.” Jimin says as he cries into Suga’s shoulder. “I should be apologizing for getting myself into that situation.” Jimin lifts his head, and Suga takes the opportunity to kiss Jimin. Suga kisses him passionately, they quickly pull apart when there was a knock on the door.
Jimin and Suga break apart but still stand close together. Jungkook enters the room. As Jungkook walks into the room, he glances at Suga and Jimin. Jimin noticed that Jungkook looked like he had been crying.
“Hyung’s, please listen to me.” Suga stands in front of Jimin. “I’m sorry Jimin I’m so sorry I hurt you, I wasn’t myself that night. I don’t know what came over me, but I regret it. Please forgive me I’ll do anything to make it up to you.” Jungkook gets on his knees and pleads for Jimin and Suga to forgive him. Suga and Jimin look at each other. Jimin is a soft hearted kind person, Suga is too, but somethings are hard for him to overcome quickly he was going to need more time.
Jimin walks to Jungkook and pulls him up.
“Jungkookie, I forgive you, but I will call the cops if you ever do something like that to me again.” Jimin says. Jungkook wraps his arms around Jimin in a hug.
“Yes of course, I don’t want to lose you hyung I won’t ever do anything like that again.” Jungkook says as he holds Jimin tight. Jimin just nods his head and pats Jungkook’s back.
“Okay, um can you relax a little I can’t breathe.” Jimin said, Jungkook immediately let’s go of Jimin.
“Oh you okay, I’m sorry hyung.” Jungkook says instantly, while Suga looks like he’s going to punch him, Jimin just nods his head and walks back over to Suga.
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