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“Finally, we’ve finished filming this MV.” Hobi and Tae said at the same time. Everyone collapsed in the living room. They were grateful that the director paid for dinner so they didn’t have to worry about eating.
“Well, let’s get some rest we still have a busy two weeks.” Namjoon said. Namjoon and Jin walked to their room.
“Hey Jin, you think the boys are okay? It’s been one hell of a year with Suga’s concussion and Jimin’s accident. Do you think they are working themselves too much?” Namjoon asks. Jin thought before he answered.
“I think they’re going to be fine, I mean just look at Jungkook he’s grown up a lot this year and recently with the thought of losing one of our members he’s grown quite a bit.” Jin replied. “We’re strong independently, but together we’re stronger.” Namjoon just nods his head, Jin gets into the bed with Namjoon wrapping his arms around his lover. They never found out what Jungkook did to Jimin.
Tae and Hobi walk to their room, Jungkook follows behind them. Hobi goes into the room first, Tae stays back and watches Jungkook.
“Hey Kookie, are you okay? Did you tell him?” Tae asks.
“He overheard our conversation earlier, and Suga knows too. We talked, I think we can move past this. I will make sure of it, because I can’t lose him hyung. I may lose him to someone else, but I can’t lose him as my friend.” Jungkook replies with a small smile and he shuts his door.
“That’s good of you Kookie. You’re growing up.” Tae says quietly as he enters his room Hobi was passed out on Tae’s bed. Tae just laughs and quickly removes his clothes and slips into his bed wrapping his arms around Hobi. Whispering in Hobi’s ear. “I love you Hobi hyung.” Tae kisses Hobi’s ear.
“I love you too V.” Hobi says as he holds onto Tae’s hands.
Jimin and Suga enter their room quietly. They didn’t talk on the way home, they just held each other’s hand. Suga walks over to Jimin who’s stripping his clothes. Suga wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist and kisses the back of Jimin’s neck. Jimin smiles.
“Hyung I’m still cold do you want to warm me up?” Jimin turns around and is looking at Suga’s smirking face. Jimin lifts Suga’s shirt off of him and they press against each other’s bare chest. Suga kisses Jimin passionately, while Jimin and Suga’s hands are rubbing each other’s bodies.
Jimin moves his hands down to Suga’s pants and gets them undone, he pushes them down as he kisses his chest and stomach. Suga’s erection springs out and Jimin takes his hand wrapping it at the base of Suga’s hard member. Kissing the tip and flicking his tongue around the head, Jimin wraps his mouth around the tip as he travels down he massages the shaft with his tongue, when he comes back up he sucks hard and slow making Suga moan grabbing Jimin’s head.
Suga loved feeling Jimin’s hot mouth on him, it sent his body into a fever he craved Jimin’s touch on him, and Jimin just couldn’t get enough of Suga.
Jimin stops and gets up kissing his way back up to Suga’s mouth.
“Suga, I want to feel you inside me.” Jimin stated between kisses. Suga looks surprised at Jimin’s request. Suga thought with what happened to him he wouldn’t want to but that wasn’t the case. Jimin makes sure to lubricate Suga’s erection.
“Are you sure Jimin?” Suga asks. Jimin smiles and lays down pulling Suga down on top of him.
“Yes Yoongi I’m sure. It’s okay.” Jimin replies. Suga leans down and kisses Jimin in between kisses Suga kept saying.
“I love you Jiminie.” Jimin would smile and when he said “I love you Suga.” Suga looked up at him confused. Jimin just winks and smiles at him.
“I love you Yoongi. Always stay by my side.” Suga didn’t mind Jimin calling him Suga, but when he used Yoongi with those three little words it was special he trusted those words more. Jimin and Suga made love to each other and a promise to become stronger for each other because together they can overcome anything.
I want to thank every one who read this. I'm sure it could have been better but it was my first BoyxBoy and it was fun. But so hard to make Jungkook a bad guy I cried. And it didn't help when I found a card with him acting like a cute bunny (now I can't find the card). I was thinking of starting a tag list for future stories if you want me to add you let me know. :-)
awe good ending. Hope Kookie gets over himself. lol Namjin is always clueless to what hoes on i swear
@Cassierchiqua thanks, I'm a hopeless romantic so I had to have them happy
I'm crying... 😭😭😭😭😭
Thanks, @VIPFreak2NE1 :)
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