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I gotta run so I'll dig through these more later, but my package of goodies I've been waiting for arrived!
lots of little guys from makeup exchange boards :)
New eye makeup remover!
New powder foundation to try!
Ipsy bag with surprise goodies inside!
and this palette I've been dyinnnnggg to use!!! I have one more palette coming, and that's it for quite a while ;)

what are you all hoping to get soon?!

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Is this the ipsy subscription box?
@MyAffairWith no! She's doing an exchange from Reddit. Ipsy is 10$/month
@TessStevens wow! I didn't know Reddit did that. How does it work?
@TessStevens @MyAffairWith Yeah reddit has an excahnge board called makeupexchange! For ipsy, it's 10 bucks a month but I only did two months for now (cancelled it) because I'm worried about getting too much non-cruelty free makeup, haha!
@hikaymm lol yeah I completely understand. I'll check this out!!! Sounds fun!!!