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Ahhhhh this was the cutest thing ever! I was a little confused as to what the hell was going on when I woke up and saw these pictures on my dash....so I'm here to clear everything up. Xiumin and Chen will do their own web variety program called 'Trip Without Manager'. Vryl and Cookat are collaborating and it will be released on the first week of May. Now I don't know if all of EXO will appear and I don't know where they are officially releasing it (for now I'm following the Cookat TV page on facebook where they posted these video's), but I will update you guys if I know anything! XD
You can follow Cookat TV here ---> https://m.facebook.com/cookatfoodie1/
@ercurrent our biases 💕
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Their laughs are so kawaii 💕
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Freakin adorable😊
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