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This was a momentous occasion for all old school Panic! At The Disco fans. When pop star Halsey whose song "New Americana" has been blowing up airwaves since last summer, started to sing "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" everyone went nuts.
What was even nuttier was the fact that good old Brendon Urie was steps away, and bounded on to the stage to share the song with her. So effing cool.
Coachella is kind of played out to me, but things like this always make it special. When most of the hype around the festival surrounds fashion, body paint, colorful hairstyles, flower crowns and celebrities, the music tends to take a back seat.
Cultural exclusivity is nothing new, and Coachella is one of the main festivals that tend to skew toward rich, white girls. Sure, okay.
The only bit of Coachella I watched was this performance, because I was genuinely interested. I love music and music festivals, but when this one is announced each year I get increasingly disappointed because what Kylie Jenner is wearing to the thing seems to be more important than the bands.
Anyway, a small, uneducated rant aside, here's the performance, totally cool and totally worth the watch:

The funniest thing about this video, is about 10 seconds from the end Brendon screams, "Come on you hipsters!" Which is a perfect description of the typical Coachella crowd.

It's a little grainy, but still awesome. If there's a better video, I'll be sure to replace it! What did you think of the duet? Pretty cool huh!?

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