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If you're a BTS fan or a kpop fan in general there is no way that you haven't heard the phrase:

"Jimin... You got no jams"

As quoted by the very wise Rap Mon (That's Rap Mon, not Dance Mon).
What he was essentially saying was that Jimin is not fun.
"Jimin is very no fun" -Jhorse
'No Jams' in Korean slang is 노잼 (no-jaem) it means something that is not funny or worth laughing at.

노 - the English word "no", meaning "not"

잼 - "fun" / "interesting"

is the first portion of the word 재미있어 which means "fun".
Say, "노잼" if you are totally not amused by something.

Here's an example:

A: 어제 개그콘서트 봤어?
Did you watch Gag Concert last night?
B: 응 완전 노잼.
Yes, it was awfully boring.
On the contrary, if you want to say that something is interesting or funny, use the word 꿀잼 (kkul-jaem).

꿀 - "honey"

잼 - "fun" / "interesting"

You'll see that in Korean slang, the word is used quite often to explain something is 'good' or 'nice'. For example, a 꿀팁 means 'great tip'.

What else is 노잼?

Hakyeon's stank face says Ravi is 노잼. (라비 는 너무 노잼)
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that video is so cute! Jhope can't make complete sentence at all💜😂