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You guys either heard about it from the interview release with toriama himself or you watched the anime and I am going to make this short but this was the most amazing scene in the new series it was really well done by the directors and it bring up a whole new world of possibilities for this power and goku himself even said he only had a 10% chance of this actually working. This moment was great because you even got to see the flashback of him fighting vegeta and I remember that moment from my childhood and it is amazing !!and I don't want to put anymore spoilers out but please comment and tell me what you think is going to happen and I can tell you what I know if you haven't watched the video of toriamas interview
You know you're a badass when your aura has its own aura!!
this fight has made me think that DBS is trying to be a serious contender. this fight reminds me of the stakes back when frieza first came around
I haven't had a chance to watch the dub yet. I don't I'd be able to if they changed goku or vegeta's voice. The 2 most iconic voices for me in the dub made the most memorable moments for me. I.e. Those half episode long super sayian screams 馃槈
Bruh they were annoying but the best at the same time XD @DavanteDante96
I do agree @DavanteDante96 and if you have watched the dub for dbs is the voice acting still the same or is some of it differant !
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