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If you haven't played Fallout: New Vegas and you want to experience it in a way that's pretty low impact, then I found the series of videos for you. Many A True Nerd on YouTube recently made a series a videos that turns my favorite Fallout game into a choose your own adventure.
The way it works is that you hear a little bit of narration about the story or your next objective and then towards the end of the video, a couple of annotations pop up. Clicking on one essentially acts as the decision you make and it takes you to an unlisted video.
Depending on what you choose, you'll either make it through or not. An example of the way it works can be seen in the screenshot below!
You won't get the full experience of playing the game but for someone like me, who has played the game a million times, it's still a fun and enjoyable way to spend your time instead of actually working.
And for some of you guys who don't have the time to play this game or are unwilling to buy a game that's so old, this'll be a fun way to get a glimpse into it. It'll probably even be fun for people who don't usually play video games.
And if you're any of those people (haven't played the game, doesn't play games), the full game lets you make tons of decisions like this one. They aren't completely laid out for you like they are in the videos but if you can imagine this multiplied by a million, then that's basically Fallout: New Vegas. If you want to try it out, I left the introduction video for you guys below and I hope you enjoy it!
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This is pretty cool