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Oh, the internet. What a wondrous place of learning and social engagement, a place of sharing and caring and where everyone is always kind and generous. What? You mean the internet is actually a galaxy-sized cesspool of the worst kinds of things humanity has to offer?
Well then.
Here's a bunch of images done by various artists that highlight just how strange and creepy the internet can be. As we spew forth constant content, some of that content will invariably some artists reimagining common things into overly-sexualized cartoon girls.

1 - Playstation One

2 - Xbox 360

3 - Wiimote

4 -Sega DreamCast

5 - Xbox One

6 - Nintendo Gamecube

7 - N64

8 - Super Famicom

9 - Sega Saturn

10 - Xbox 360

11 - Wii U

12 - Gameboy

never have girls been easier to turn on x3
I knew game BOY would be male but HA! Thanks for Putin up a great card.
The gameboy though.
The only creepy one is gameboy...
@danidee a nerd who plays with the imagination. dirty lol
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