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The Boys Slay all over the states... Yeah NYC still possibly the biggest crowd (seattle status not up yet) We had beef we had traveling condoms and flying panties... Wow USA be crazy hahaha
So everyone let me know what was your favorite snaps or momentd in the concert you attended? Come on you must have something: >Cali had visits from Yultron and Mario >ChaCha appear in cali and seattle >Seattle had all of AOM b-boy crew >Texas had Trae >NYC had an after party... and everyone went stupid loud xD
*buys him dinner *
C O M P L E T E 💖
simon should just kiss jay because of the way he grabbed his face lol
I know I'm super late to this card but my favorite was seattle. I went to LA and Seattle but I felt like the crowd in LA wasn't the best (I live in LA btw) also Jay park jumped into the crowd with his fans and everyone went crazy. After the show I was lucky enough to go to their private after party. it was a dream come true! lol
sadly I could make that tour but at least I get to go see B.A.P this saturday. so many concerts so little cash T.T
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