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You still aren’t sure you believe Moonie. It doesn’t matter that he’s known Kyungil longer; it's just so … different. Even if what Moonie says is true, could you really handle his type of backwards compliments?
Moonie drops you off at your apartment just as Jak arrives with the take out for lunch. You shake your head as she foists bags off on you.
“What? You know I don’t cook, what did you intend to feed them?”
She has a point so you simply follow her inside. Once in the kitchen she grins,
“However, they don’t need to know we don’t cook.”
She takes pans out and starts dumping the take out into them, placing them on the stove.
“We’ll just put them on simmer so they stay warm,” she winks at you.
“Grab the little platters and the chopsticks, we don’t need anything else.”
You stand there staring at her, “I get the feeling you’ve done this before.”
She grins, “When I first invited Ji over.”
“You tried to play Jiyong?”
She shrugs, “He wanted to do something different and had never been to my place. What else was I supposed to do? Feed him Ramen? I seriously thought about it.”
“And did he find out?”
“Pfft, of course! He’s not stupid; plus, I left the take out bag on top of the garbage.”
She giggles, “Thankfully it was a place he liked. Instead of getting mad he told me he thought it was sweet that I wanted to impress him.”
You roll your eyes at her, “How you ever got so lucky woman, I will never know.”
“I know right?”
Your phone buzzes;
SCM: Hey, we’re here. Which apartment?
Lunch was super fun but extra short as Yijeong and his friends had schedules for that afternoon. Jak’s pretense of cooking worked until you couldn’t take the compliments anymore and spilled the truth. You sit in amazement as all the guys simply switch to complimenting her choice of restaurant instead ragging on her for trying to fool them. As they got up to leave Yijeong promises to have the two of you over; and that he'll cook because he actually can.
Jak takes off shortly after they leave and you tackle your work assignments from that morning's meeting. It is a nice quiet day, you're able to get a lot done and lunch still had you smiling. Right before dinner your phone rings; without even looking you answer it.
Silence greets you for a minute, than you hear a quiet, sad sounding voice.
“You seriously changed your phone and number?”
You quickly look down at your phone, MJA. You want to ask how he got your new number, make some snappy comeback but something in his voice stops you.
“Have you blocked anyone else from your life lately? Don’t answer that.”
“Is everything okay? You don’t sound normal.”
He laughs harshly, “Like you’d care. I knew I’d messed up, I just didn’t realize how bad I guess.”
“I don’t understand you. Is it only physical attraction? Do you hate me that much that when you give in to it you have to make me feel small for it afterwards?”
His voice has lowered more to where you can barely hear him,
“If only I did hate you.”
You suddenly have dead air and realize that he’s hung up.
A text came in while you were on the phone; you switch over to see it’s from SCM:
SCM: I’m sorry. I didn’t know he didn’t have your new number. He grabbed my phone, saw our texts and wanted to know who CSD was.
YOU: It’s all right. CSD?
SCM: Cute Set Designer 
You have to laugh; you aren’t the only one who likes nicknames instead of names in your phone.
YOU: He just called me, is he there?
SCM: No. I answered him and he said he was going to the bar. Why?
YOU: Which bar?
SCM: I don’t know; probably his normal hang out. Why?
YOU: Will you meet me there?
Yijeong's standing outside the bar waiting for you, when you arrive.
“Is he in there?”
“Yep. Now why are we here?”
“I need you to help me get him home.”
“Home? His home or your home?”
“Whichever one he’ll willingly go to.”
@ParkHwaYoung. same here lol..
aww, she broke his heart with that
you're welcome:;)
That gif is killing me 🔥😍🔥😍🔥
Hmmm...home huh?! Alcohol tends to loosen the tongue, let's see if he spills!
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