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I want to tell you that I'm writing about this because I'm the type of guy who thinks his Vingle blog is a place where people come for gaming news. I want to tell you in a couple of short sentences that PSN is going down for maintenance so everything can run smoothly in the future. I want to tell you that this is a normal thing that happens every couple of months and then I want to make a joke about how you can't play Destiny tonight or something.
But instead.
I am pretty upset about this. Mostly because a lot of games that come out these days require some kind of internet connection. Even if you're playing a single player mode. When PSN or the servers go down, it divides my game collection by a bunch because developers think that it's a great idea to be connected to the internet at all times, just in case you want to tweet what you're playing (or something).
Don't get me wrong, I understand the reasoning behind server maintenance. And my upset-ness is pretty irrational and I'm aware of that. But I'm in the goddamn playoffs in NBA2K16 and even when I play MyCareer, I have to be connected to the internet to earn VC. And if I decide to play online, everything gets shifted to this offline mode where I can't earn VC anymore.
It's a ridiculous system. But we have to live with it. And I guess even though I wanted to write this card and make it seem as news-y as possible because I have this delusion that this is a real video game website, I ended up ranting about something I can't really change.
Now to stomp my feet all over the place like a 5-year-old.