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Today is my girlfriend and I's one month but for some reason her dad all of a sudden said he didn't like me.Her mom said she does but her dad said that she agree's and that neither of them like me.Very confusing week
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I agree with the comments above. Just keep being a good person and if you're making his daughter happy then he should change his mind.
I agree with @atmi!
all parents want the best for their daughters. sometimes they don't realize they being too picky and may misjudged person who become closer to her daughter. so, it's your duty to show how sincerely you're to their daughters or ask your GF why they don't like you. your GF may have idea about it because she knows her parents well. give them more time because you can't know someone very well within 1 month. by the way, how old are you? maybe it's related to your issue
Don't take it too personally, dads are always going to be protective, just treat his daughter with respect, and he'll come around!
I'm honestly not sure he told me he liked me then just out of the middle of nowhere he says he does not.
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